Welcome to heart closet blog.  My closet contains an observant & well researched dog, nature photographs, Haiku poems, History tidbits and “Uncomplicated Thoughts.”  My posts reach simply into bits and pieces of daily life that is important enough to contemplate and delightful enough to want to understand.

Here you can connect with my beautiful golden retriever and get to know a dog that enjoys communicating through social media, offering his insights and observations and dabbling into commentary.  It’s not ruff…it’s golden. Just look for Brodie.

FullSizeRender copy
Golden Brodie

Nature at its best comes stocked in my closet through photographs taken by some of my talented and generous social media friends.  Writing haiku has long been a joyous experience for me.  I hope you’ll enjoy coming into this space and being enveloped by visual beauty and soothing poetry of the natural world.  I just recently added my “Uncomplicated Thoughts” which is a quick read and hopefully will touch you in an easy and uplifting way.

In evening light a tiny green cricket enjoys the opening moonvine
In evening light a tiny green cricket enjoys the opening moon vine

Brodie and I thank you for joining us and are looking forward to each time you return to Heart Closet Blog.  You’re sure to find this closet filling up daily.  Peace

73 thoughts on “About

    1. I’m a new blogger and I see that you have quite a track record. I like your style and look forward to more. Please consider following Brodie and me…community support from other bloggers to real important.

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  1. Thank you for choosing to follow my own humble blog; I am grateful! All best to you and Brodie for the continuing growth and success of your own efforts!

    BTW, If you care to see “The Furry One” in MY household, please visit my own About page and scroll all the way down.

    Jay Pochapin


  2. i used to have a full bred golden retriever. Her name was Chrissy. I got her on Christmas Eve. When I got married I gave her t my roommate who would have been so lonely with us both. she was a crazy dog She ate our rose bushed…thorns and all. she once ate my garden glove!!!! How she swallowed it whole, I’ll never !!!! .I now have a half golden and half german shepherd.Golden are soooo lovable. I look forward to reading yur work. Thank you for following me. Debbie Johnson Merry Christmas!


  3. Dear blogger with a sweet golden brodie: Thank you for following my blog today. As it happens a recent post mentions that color red, my favorite. In fact red pumps represent the fancy in my life as you may have noticed on my logo. Again, thanks!


  4. You have avery interesting and amusing blog. I am looking forward to reading more. You might want to consider going over to the Senior Salon on Wednesdays and seeing if you want to participate.


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