Brodie Here

IMG_6668I was born in Broadway, Virginia to two fine golden retriever parents. Izzy, my mom, was an attentive mother.  I was in her first litter and oh how I and my litter mates loved her care.   My dad, Ori, is this massively beautiful hunk of golden male who came together nicely with my mom. Each has an impressive pedigree. They have since had other litters together at Church Mountain Kennel (Church Mountain Retriever has since moved to Rio, West Virginia.)
I grew up with a sense of community.  I was socialized to the max by Cami, the owner, by her wonderful children and friends nearly everyday of my young life and was more than prepared to come to my new home with Sheshe and Hehe.
I love my life.  Days brims over with dog experiences and friendship and neighbors.  There is no lacking for activities and entertainment.
I got my start in social media with Facebook. I use Sheshe’s FBpage to put myself out there, make formidable (another word for the overused word awesome) comments and spread well wishes to so many of my friends. I could be accused of being opinionated but I prefer to see myself as keenly attuned to my surroundings, ears up as they say, which qualifies me, in my dog mind, to offer entertaining and in some cases, informative slants on life.  See ya on my blog!