Brodie digs up the “Genie in the Polls” granting wishes

Ok…I did my golden best to understand and research these presidential polls that many are obsessing over.   Admitting that I came away confused…yes I did and for solid reasons.  Confusing at best is the manner in which polling information comes together, then massaged, spun and refined and finally reported…shared.  I got into quartile, outliers (Yes, they are out there!), data, margin of error, subsets, median, data points, statistics, range, biased sampling, upper fence and lower fence (really…???…I thought I knew what a fence was…wrong!), margin of error, sampling collection, results…and on it goes.  Here’s the deal…there’s a genie in these numbers…working the numbers…every poll has its purpose…and can be handled in such as way as to produce the results wanted…key word…wanted results.  Some polls attempt to use protocols that present the results in a fair and unbiased way.  So…here’s your Golden Polling 101.  Not full proof…but consider doing your own digging…Start getting on top of these numbers…Go get it……

270toWin Make your own interactive map for presidential results…see different models…some like this…some don’t

538 A polling aggregation website…some dig it…some don’t

These are just two sources for your polling entertainment…the more you dig… the better you’ll feel…about this presidential deal…information is golden power.




Scarlet Runner Bean

Scarlet Runner Beans reaching up to the blue sky.
Scarlet Runner Beans climbing up to the blue sky

Run away Scarlet

Bees and bugs dancing on you

Purple stains your vines

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas  10/10/16

Photographs by PamelaWLucas 10/10/16

Brodie hides from the “Spin”

I curled up nose to tail in front of the wide-screen to watch the second presidential debate (debate???really???)…in St. Louie…town hall forum.   The zingers began adding up…I started scratching my ears and placing my paws over my eyes as I listened to the “Spin and the Pivoting”…and then I sequestered myself…hiding in the closet.  I kept waiting for the “going high part”…

Twenty minutes in…ending in the nearest closet was a good move for me.  Each of the candidates moved me to go high in my own way…so my golden self decided to move away…leave it…drop it… Sometimes going into a happy place can help us all.  The closet became that spot.

Next time you hear from me…I’ll share with you some information about polling and how it “should work.”  Look for it.  Paws up!

Brodie offers humane and effective training lessons to main stream media

When you think there is no more political underbelly available…just when you think the stream of information?!?… provided to you by the media… as they fill their role in reporting and shaping public opinions has hit bedrock…the basement…surprise…it’s not over till the last vote is cast???  Well, I have a golden idea to stop this gutter bleed…some of the media simply needs some golden training and constructive feedback.

I have and continue to do my best to avoid distractions while I am on the lead.  In other words, when I am out in public, socializing and being a solid companion, distractions have been my falling like a rolling rock speeding down hill…distractions keep my off target…distractions rob me of my focus and my ability to contribute in a fine dog way…you know strut my stuff…get the pets and praise that simply make my world a happy place.  So…we should offer very basic training lessons to the media,…talk radio…major networks…lessons that address “How to Avoid Distractions” while reporting on the issues…I know these are good folks, smart folks, folks that strive to inform and with that said, getting some help for these folks would help to put us all in a better place in this race to the White House.

Please know that I continue to strive to avoid distractions…I am so easily tempted but even my slightest successes give me hope.  Paws up!  Be hopeful.

Brodie shares a sparkling story out of the White House

My golden heart overflows with happiness because of this uplifting story…an inspirational share…

Drop all of your treats, get your head out of the feeding bowl and READ this illuminating article about a man dedicated to his job, his family, his prideful approach to everyday and to serving his presidents.  Stewart Stevens, Sr. your bright life gives us all hope for a better tomorrow.

Thanks to Hamil R. Harris for this shinning piece of journalism found on 10/6 in The Washington Post. Hamil you found the good.

Brodie barks for your questions

“Meet me in St. Louie, Louie meet me at the” second face-off between  Mr. T and The Lady on October 9, 2016: Presidential Debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.  This second debate has a different format.  Get this…

They’re trying something new…”Heads Up” average voters…”the Networks” have agreed to consider the 30 most popular questions…yes… Americans will be able to submit and then vote on questions online at,… ABC and CNN have agreed to consider (hocus-pocus perhaps abracadabra, who knows…) the 30 most popular queries when they jointly plan the debate.

Here’s your opportunity…my golden ears will listen for your question.  Ponder this:

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” Thomas Jefferson

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”  Abraham Lincoln

Questions please…