Cluttered Closet


This closet holds spring and summer gardening experiences and informative verdant moments. If you enjoy gardening, you probably like to hear about other gardener’s successes or failures. Hopefully this cluttered space can leave you both informed and perhaps simply onto another version of the joys associated with your hands in the soil and your eyes on the results of time spent. When nature intersects with human interests, it just simply feels good.


A further look-see will open up into Haiku poetry, my “Uncomplicated Thoughts” and history tidbits.  Continue to rummage further into this space and you might find on occasion, some unpublished short stories that were written by me years ago.

Adult Praying Mantis preying and eating
Adult Praying Mantis preying and eating

Cluttered Closet hopes to have you visiting often.

Welcome to the Clutter Closet.