The flow of two: Two with one mind

“Two hearts, believing in just one mind
Beating together till the end of time
You know we’re two hearts believing in just one mind
Together forever till the end of time”

Hear Phil Collins “Two Hearts Lyrics”

Inspirational photo by Pixabay

The flow of two: Together in orbit

“Like two stars in the depths of the sky
This gravity is just irresistible
We spin around each other, you and I
When I fell for you, I fell into your orbit.”
― Justin Wetch, Bending The Universe

Justin Wetch is an artist, poet, photographer, musician, pretentious egomaniac, and messy-haired fool from Palmer, Alaska. He published his first collection of poetry while a freshman at the University of Alaska Anchorage. He enjoys artistic endeavors and connecting with people.

Inspirational photo by Pinterest