Holy Grail please come quickly


Brodie here.  My snip, snip is coming this summer

We visited our family vet yesterday.  My ears have been really itchy and the itch seems to be very comfortable staying where it hides.  Sheshe had used eardrops  that had to live in the fridge and for months things seemed to improve.  But then the weather turned warm and the itching came back.  I am finding the need to flop myself on the now coming up fresh green grass and dive bomb my head into it, pushing myself along with my front paws, sliding on my side.  Sheshe thinks it’s funny.  She also thinks I might be doing this to rub my ears.  So back to the vet we went and got some new ears drops.

These drops are called ZYMOX and according to our vet, they cover a broad spectrum of possible problems such as bacteria, fungi, yeast and such. That sounds really creepy.  This “Z stuff” I believe does not contain steriods, but contains three natural bio-active enzymes which are really huge at fighting most ear infections.  The part I REALLY like is that I only get these drops once a day and I cannot get water in my ears.  Yes, that is right, I cannot go swimming.  Yes, I am a golden retriever, however, I do not like to swim.  I instinctively know how to swim,  but I presently am choosing to limit my  water experiences to the bathtub.  But what does that have to do with “snip snip?”

While Sheshe was talking with the vet, who I adore by the way, she said that “we” needed to talk about neutering.  We?  WE? Really?  Yeah, they had the nerve to talk about this in front of me, while I just laid there with my golden smile face.   I listened carefully with my back legs crossed and came away with the following.

There is no ideal time recommend for male cats or dogs being neutered.  School is still out on that.  There are many theories, wait, don’t wait, don’t do it, the minds of those with the information have yet to answer this most important question.  So I did my own research and want to share.


Go to the above if you’d like to  know about the possible future of the possible injection (non-surgical, injectable sterilant for male dogs verses the “operation”.  This option is already working in other countries and sooner or later, maybe,  just maybe the FDA will give its approval.  But when?

I am thinking “NOT” for me.  No silver bullet, no Holy Grail.  Actually, I will be biting the bullet and having “It” done.  Sheshe told the vet that this late summer would be the best time, working around vacations and such.  There’s that “and such” thing again.

Come on Holy Grail….I am running out of time here.

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