Brodie digs #2…John Adams

Good digs…Our first vice president became the second president of the United States…John Adams was also the first president to live in the White House…he had the first White House stables built…and his dogs…Satan and Juno were the first pups to run on the new White House lawn.  Lots of firsts with #2!  President Adams was dedicated not only to serving his people…but to caring for his animals.  Paws Up for John Adams.



Brodie discovers a true dog and horse lover- #1

So…here comes President’s Day and of course, my golden retriever research has taken me to a spot in history that celebrates not just #1…but the fact that George Washington loved dogs and horses.

Painting of George Washington in battle uniform sitting his saddle on the back of his horse "Old Blueskin"
Painting of George Washington on the back of Old Blueskin

His favorite horse was Nelson, a chestnut with a white blaze…a steady stead…unflappable during Revolutionary War gunfire.  Then there was Old Blueskin who was a high-handed gray…oh you know Blueskin…you’ve seen very famous paintings of “The Father of Our Nation” on the back of the gray.

#1, loved dogs so much… after loosing a hard fought battle to the British…his aide-to-camp, Alexander Hamilton brought him a small dog found on the battlefield.  The dog wore a collar showing General Howe as the owner…the owner who had just defeated the fighting Americans.  George…with haste…hand wrote a note to Howe and sent it along with the dog…safely returning the four-legged friend to the victor.  What a golden guy!!!

Still more dog love…well GW raised hounds and it is thought that he perfected the breed of the American Hound.

My dog paws are celebrating President’s Day by reading on about GW and his love for our country…and his animals. Golden wishes to you.

Brodie’s golden heart melts over “trench art”

Here comes the heart day…the day we give and receive the loving cards…handmade and bought…here we give and receive flowers and jewelry…and you name it in a box wrapped with a crisp red bow…

Your passion for love and gift giving would appreciate knowing that during World War II, our brave soldiers…given where they were serving in either the European Theatre or the Pacific War often found themselves where “Lack of materials on the battlefront often forced servicemen to use wire, mother-of-pearl, wood and inexpensive metals to fashion gifts. The engraved personalized messages, military insignia, locations and dates on these specific pieces illuminate the bonds between home and abroad”.  The creative hearts…the longing hearts for home…the suffering hearts for a grateful nation…think about these creative gifts and the hands that fashioned them…how they were so much more than just a present…true gifts from the heart…forever treasured.

I love history…it’s golden.


Brodie barks on the coin toss

The Super Bowl…one of the super star icons of the United States of America…a defining day where hard-fought football…played for over 4 months…teams from sea to shining sea faced off and moved up the football madness to this day…Super Bowl 51..

As a golden retriever…I can tell you that this day is a record breaker for food…human food that normally NEVER touches my dog lips…I’m talking pieces of chicken wings…a bit of a hot dog…oh don’t get me started…and then there are the many delicacies prepared with loving football lover hands…I can’t wait for the coin toss.

Speaking of the coin toss…did you know that the physics of the toss has been studied…you know the probability…of course you did..but let me put this in front of you today….you gotta look at this if you care about your team...seems though…the NFL has it down regarding fairness.  Bring on the wings and things!!….and look for a possible golden retriever to show up in one of the million dollar plus commercials.  I’m just saying 🙂

Here are the broad strokes of the physics of going flipping:

  1. If the coin is tossed and caught, it has about a 51% chance of landing on the same face it was launched. (If it starts out as heads, there’s a 51% chance it will end as heads).
  2. If the coin is spun, rather than tossed, it can have a much-larger-than-50% chance of ending with the heavier side down. Spun coins can exhibit “huge bias” (some spun coins will fall tails-up 80% of the time).
  3. If the coin is tossed and allowed to clatter to the floor, this probably adds randomness.
  4. If the coin is tossed and allowed to clatter to the floor where it spins, as will sometimes happen, the above spinning bias probably comes into play.
  5. A coin will land on its edge around 1 in 6000 throws, creating a flipistic singularity.
  6. The same initial coin-flipping conditions produce the same coin flip result. That is, there’s a certain amount of determinism to the coin flip.
  7. A more robust coin toss (more revolutions) decreases the bias.

Brodie marvels at escape artists: Rusty and Sunny

It’s in my dog genes to want to run and hide…jig and jag…get out there and run like the wind…but I must admit that I am a homebody…you’ll never find me running away…I have way too much to leave my happy golden space…and my training keeps me safe by coming when called.  Now Rusty and Sunny…those little escape artists think differently…after all they are wild and precious.

Rusty the Red Panda ran away from his home in the National Zoo in Washington, DC in 2013.  He pushed the boundaries of his safe life and headed out to Adams Morgan…a popular dining and entertainment spot on the fringes of the zoo…a lovely and diverse… vibrant neighborhood.  I’m guessing he enjoyed his escapade…and eventually he was found.  Hopefully, Sunny the Red Panda who escaped from the Norfolk Virginia Zoo just this week...will be safe until she is found by the many volunteers who continue looking for her.  The word is she was trying to get away from Thomas the Male Red Panda…mating season is on…guess Sunny needed to express herself by fleeing the scene.

These red cat-bears are really great looking creatures…so furry, full of life and kinda…sorta…thrill seekers?!?  Sending out golden prayers for Sunny’s safe returned to her home in the Virginia Zoo.