The flow of two: a symbol

deep and everlasting love

symbolized in the revered diamond

yet the flow of two embodies

an impassioned and wholehearted

love whose brilliance cannot be

matched by a precious stone

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 7/27/18

Inspirational photo by Pixabay

The flow of two: seasons come

love changes
fondness blossoms
intimacy blooms
endearment watches

winter of love comes
the warmth of love moves ahead
love stays when

the petals of love still open

when the flow has two

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 7/25/18

Inspirational photo by

The flow of two: weavers

both join heads and hearts

one holds steady threads of love

other places each strand of being

rooted in respect

their intimate connection

becomes a lasting woven tapestry

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 7/21/18

Inspirational photo by Pexels

The flow of two: love floats

one stays in a rainy day mood

it happens

other becomes the rainmaker

who brings colorful bubble wonder

two enjoy the light in their lives

Free verse poem by PamelaWLucas 7/20/18

Inspirational photo by Pixels

Webster’s Definition of rainmaker

1a person who produces or attempts to produce rain by artificial means
2a person (such as a partner in a law firm) who brings in new business; also a person whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success

The flow of two: stand by

etched among the vows
back up


remain loyal and true
one to the other

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 7/19/18

Inspirational photo by Pexels

The flow of two: center

loves center differs with time
one becomes lost other unaware

one seeks  balance wants focus to return
other see, offers help and climbs into
what they have, what they need

both find the target and seek to find
balance that brings
both back to center

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 7/18/18

Inspirational photo by Pinterest

The flow of two: love stars

stars shine in darkness

starlight emerges in absence

two together shine in love’s light

two together face dark star moments

two rely on love shining through

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 7/17/18

Inspirational photo by Pinterest


The flow of two: curves

follow the curves entwined
feel together the meander
life serves up
then shoulder to shoulder
hand in hand
set your path to one

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 7/15/18

Inspirational photo by Karol Schaeffer Eller 7/18

The flow of two: two wise

both remembers why love came

both trust that love

both talk about the they and

grow together supporting life’s changes

both split the stuff and smile

together on the path of memories

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 7/12/18

Inspirational photo by Pixabay



The flow of two: healing moments

one opens to share
other unlocks to listen
one then speaks
other seeks healing words

two attending to the flow of accepting

both reaching together for tomorrow’s

sunrise with peace and happiness and order

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 7/12/18

Inspirational photo by Pixabay