The flow of two: decisions

share free thoughts
listen without desired outcome
focus on words face to face
lend an ear
build togetherness for
the we
to the same path

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 5/23/18

Inspirational photo by Pinterest

The flow of two: stuck

ruminating on into the web
life serves up situations

deal together

two heads together bring a solution

then share peaceful thoughts

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 5/16/18

Inspirational photo by Pixabay

The flow of two: an eddy appears

life serves up whirlpools
the unrest, the spirals, the twists
walk through the swirls with hands held
look for the edges
know that two will find the calm
know there are gentle waters ahead

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 5/11/18

The flow of two: ask and tell

Each has needs
Both have wants
Some shared, some not
Ask the obvious questions
Tell what needs to come forth
Spill the beans, free up the space
Benefits of a healthy discussion
End with laughs and holding hands

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 5/7/18

Inspirational photo by Pixabay

The flow of two: well being

Share this, share that
give that, give this
take a stand, give a seat
walk through, walk around
hear whatever, offer curiosity
inform, ask, inquire, learn, grow, heart open

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 4/25/18

Inspirational photo by Pinterest

Ways to work on that healthy relationship.

Haiku: Steps

Walk in the foot prints
Know the past through your own steps
Walk through history

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 10/5/17

Inspirational photo taken by Ashley Morgan Lucas at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 9/30/17

The University of Virginia will celebrate its bicentennial of the laying of its cornerstone on October 6, 1817, in a Masonic ritual attended by current and former Presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe.



Uncomplicated thoughts: The Storms Come

“Without rain, nothing grows, learn to embrace the storms of your life.” Buddha

Being positive through tough times.

Photo by Pixabay