The flow of two: feel, listen, give

feelings rush to the front
patient listening must follow
bringing meaningful and mindful

the flow rejoices and opens

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 8/9/18

Inspirational photo by Pixabay

The flow of two: distractions

when one feels unproductive
the other brings welcomed distractions
from daily life

from all of their ducks in a row
from the feeling of sameness
giving alternatives brings back
the flow
both become renewed

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 7/30/18

Inspirational photo by Pixabay

The flow of two: flowing communication

Never stop talking
giving healthy debate
creating a peaceful silence
throwing kisses
planning face to face
giving flight to your dreams

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 7/24/18
Inspirational photo by Pixabay

The flow of two: love floats

one stays in a rainy day mood

it happens

other becomes the rainmaker

who brings colorful bubble wonder

two enjoy the light in their lives

Free verse poem by PamelaWLucas 7/20/18

Inspirational photo by Pixels

Webster’s Definition of rainmaker

1a person who produces or attempts to produce rain by artificial means
2a person (such as a partner in a law firm) who brings in new business; also a person whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success

The flow of two: healing moments

one opens to share
other unlocks to listen
one then speaks
other seeks healing words

two attending to the flow of accepting

both reaching together for tomorrow’s

sunrise with peace and happiness and order

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 7/12/18

Inspirational photo by Pixabay


The flow of two: luscious

one cuts the cake
knowing the other
knowing the favorite slice
a knowing smile tells the one
you will have your piece

a sweet slice for the one
by the other

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 6/26/18

Inspirational photo by Pixabay

The flow of two: growing

Shared love
reaches and grows to

the other and into the world

offering deep affection

giving abiding kindness

devoted one to the other

growing an undying passion

Free verse poem by PamelaWLucas 6/25/18

Inspirational photo by Pinterest



The flow of two: loves dignity

self-respect first
comes true respect given
honor self
comes honor truly given
respect and honor received
loves dignity

sparkling unbounded love

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 6/11/18

Inspirational photo by Pixabay