Uncomplicated thoughts: rise and set

Seeing the sunrise is a splendid beginning.
Watching the sunset is a magnificent ending.

Summer sunset in the desert
Summer sunset in the desert

Photos by Pixabay

Haiku: Peppers and no salt

Abundant growing
Changes from green to orange
Soon to grace a plate

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 7/16/17

Inspirational photo by PamelaWLucas 7/16/17

Growing peppers in a container is easy.

Haiku: Hosting butterflies

Each offers a home

Butterflies seek out their host

Plant and they will come

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 7/15/17

Inspiring photo by PamelaWLucas 7/15/17

Butterflies are particular and each has its own host plant preference.  Read up, plant accordingly and they will come.


Haiku: Shrimp in the garden

Tropical showing
Sun exposure brings color
Beckons hummingbirds

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 7/14/17

Inspirational photo by PamelaWLucas 7/14/17

Attract humming birds and butterflies…grow shrimp plants

History Tidbits: Rounders and Cricket make baseball?

Baseball came about in 1839 thanks to Abner Doubleday…well…no…seems a bit more complicated.

A game that resembled baseball began in the 18th century…melding together a kid’s game called rounders played by colonial children and the well-known game of cricket.  Variations of this developing  game with no rules could be seen everywhere…particularly in the fast growing industrial cities.  In September 1845, a group of New York City men founded the New York Knickerbocker Baseball Club. 

Doubleday, a graduate of West Point, served during the Civil War and was second in command at Fort Sumter where he ordered the Union’s first shots of the Civil War in response to the bombardment by secessionist forces.  His military service is impressive.

Doubleday still remains in the heart of many as the founder of baseball…but history quashed that story.

Haiku: A working marriage

the smelly flower
repels garden pests from vines
an interesting pair

Through the trellis the sunshine falls on both marigolds and growing tomatoes
Through the trellis the sunshine falls on both marigolds and tomatoes

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 7/12/17

Inspirational photos by PamelaWLucas 7/11/17

Read up on organic gardening, companion plants and how they support each others health and growth.

Haiku: A Skipper

Tiny bright orange
Small and skipping butterfly
Skipper loves the sun

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 7/11/17

Inspirational photo by GaryMLucas 7/9/17

The Delaware Skipper is a lovely little butterfly that flits and moves quickly.  Fun to watch.  Learn how to identify butterflies.