Brodie here. All is swell that ends well.

Yesterday was 10 days post-surgery of my “snip-snip”. The procedure was simple and mine was “textbook.” Whatever that means. I came home on drugs and had them to ease my pain for 5 days. I tell you I was doing some California Dreaming on Tramadol, even though I was smack dab in the middle of Northern Virginia. Laying low was the vets order and believe me, those pills made that all possible. Further, I never had to wear that silly thing, the “ZenCone, Soft Recovery Collar” because I left myself alone. I sailed through all of that.

So 10 days later, Sheshe took me to the vet for the removal of my stitches. The vet said that I was healing nicely, just one thing. Swelling of the scrotum.  What?

I was aware of different feelings back there but I did not know what to call this. The vet recommended warm compresses several times a day to alleviate this little complication. Sheshe does this for me and I cooperate.  When sickness comes or surgery is necessary, we all want and need an angel to care for us. Animals especially need help because they cannot help themselves and must rely on caring humans.  My wish is that all animals great and small have angels surrounding them when they need them.  I am grateful for my support people, including my skilled & caring vet and for St. Francis of Assisi.

Just wanted you to know that all is swell.

Go to: to learn more about common complications after surgically neutering your dog.

6 thoughts on “Brodie here. All is swell that ends well.

  1. Dear Brodie, you god father is most happy to heart that you are healing with minimal problems. I am sure youur abnormal swelling will soon resolve itself. I hope HeHe is doing as well as you are. You are lucky to have SheShe to look after you.. Keep being a good boy. Cheers from Godfather.


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