Obesity is huge…Golden Brodie gives the scoop

Dang…did you know that obesity in dogs and cats is truly a problem…yeah…a life compromising situation for your pets?  Well, here you go…read up…information is power right?!…The Association for Pet Obesity is ready to help.

I’m a retriever…I love to eat…I could chow down on  anything…anytime of the day or night.  However, I am golden blessed with my peeps and vet who keep me on a healthy track…but darn…could I get a bacon strip now and then…or perhaps a piece of that pizza?!?! Not in my house…paws up for staying trim and healthy.

Golden mantra:  Reduce treats and increase exercise

Golden retrieves good news lemons

Sure…golden retrievers don’t drink lemonade but we do know a happy and golden undertaking when we see it.  The great state of Utah just legalized lemonade stands and other businesses run by kids.

lemonade sign
Come and get your fresh lemonade

Who would ever think that necessary?!..seems odd…but now Utah kiddies no longer need a $30 permit to exercise their entrepreneur spirit…earning money to so such things as shoveling snow and setting up a lemonade stand.  I’m clapping my paws together for these industrious kids…Utah’s state motto is “industry” and for those adults who passed a good golden rule law for “the Beehive State.”

Get ready to walk your dog to your neighborhood lemonade stand and support those golden kids.  Good on ya!

Golden Brodie retrieves for you the Virginia State Flower and Tree

I’m a content and people pleasing golden…I try anyway…and today I am bringing you a present…a virtual flower and tree that are near and dear to my Virginia born heart…the Dogwood.  The Dogwood is not only a treasured beauty but also the State tree and State flower for the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Some say that at one time the Dogwood bark was also used as a mange treatment for dogs.  A tree that keeps giving golden!

Golden Retriever Brodie shares an illuminating story about loyalty to The White House.
Golden Brodie retrieves Dogwood for you

The treat is all mine to enjoy the flowers of the Dogwood in the spring and then their colorful foliage change in the fall.   Love me some Dogwood.


Photo by PamelaWLucas, Oakton, VA  4/19/17





Golden Brodie fetches Shelter Doggy Easter Egg Hunt

Here you go and a golden big thanks to the Austin Animal Center…  for their annual Shelter Doggy Easter Egg Hunt.  It rocks for the shelter pups…they get to be outside…search for good treats in decorated eggs with a volunteer at their side.  Puppy seekers are welcomed to join in the fun and see the dogs in action and learn as much as they can about potential take home pets!  This is a win-win…

Happy Golden Easter to you!

Golden retrieve rolling in yellow flowers
Golden retrieve rolling in yellow flowers

Brodie brings a golden history nugget: Immigrant squirrel sponsored by Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin loved Eastern gray squirrels…loved them so much that during his diplomatic services (1770) in England he sent word to his wife Deborah to send some of the gray creatures across the pond to him.  He would then give them as gifts.

Portrait of founding fathers with Benjamin Franklin as the focal point along with George Washington
Portrait of founding fathers with Benjamin Franklin, representing Pennsylvania, as the focal point along with George Washington

Mungo was the treasured gray who met a rather viscous death…so loved was the furry gray that Mr. Franklin wrote a special elegy.

Golden squirrel love and paws up!

Brodie sends a golden supreme nugget

Seems appropriate to talk about the Supreme Court…given what’s happening on “The Hill”.

Well, get out of the moment and go back to 1789 and the appointment of the first Chief Justice to the Supreme Court.  Know who he was?  Hint…his last name is that of a rather large bird and his initials are JJ…got him now…John Jay.

The blue jay is native to North America.
The blue jay is native to North America.

A golden good try if you didn’t know and Paws Up if you did!!!!!

Golden Brodie admires beauty and its beast

Heads up my human friends…these oleander plants bear such beauty…they are hearty in warm zones across the United States…and they are poisonous to humans, dogs, cats, horses, cattle and birds.

Enjoy the beauty and be aware…

White oleander flowers us close
Up close oleander beauty

Sharing a golden love of nature…paws up!