Brodie here. Commentary and Contemplation 3… What’s happening?

What’s going on out there? Collusion, collusion, collusion …no one seems to know the definition…Siri, the Apple lady voice…is sick of repeatedly answering the question…Trending …Geo-fencing…go ahead… Google it. Trending…coming soon precast wall sections easy to assemble, available in heights up to 30 ft., free shipping within the United States (just kidding, but how far-fetched is this?) Fetch, did I hear fetch?

What’s going on out there?

Is a Super Pac a backpack brimming with tons of money that flies out of control, cannot be caught, found or tracked? Imagine a backpack that tells the person wearing the pack what to do and where to go? I’m confused. Trending…the family dog’s bucket list; Why not? Cats are next. 1237…close to 1237…what’s in a number? Should it not be 1234? Drone-selfies flying around; Ears up for the good while ignoring the bad stuff…Bathroom bill…bathroom policies…bathrooms banned…bathrooms creating anxiety…public bathrooms out/holding it…. is in…

What’s going on out there?

Around for millions of years, Pink Himalayan salt touted as being the purest salt in the world…all of a sudden…really…after millions of years? Question: What is a political camp? Answer: A fluid group of like voters in upscale tents that never run out of shenanigans while eating the other camps s’mores? (Would love to put my lips on some warm marshmallows.) Headlines read… Seeking VP…first qualification…candidate must carry own personal Hot Chili Sauce; (I personally enjoy a little spicy Bern (sp?) While still another VP got the job but has no job….as yet.

This is exhausting.  Remember….  Sleeping in is good, just be sure you can get out.

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