Fresh and French

We loved the outside cafes in Provence, France.  Each day we’d find ourselves in our favorite spots by early afternoon. It was so simple.

White or red, a blanc ou rouge. That was it. The vin du pay was just the ticket. We’d have a crusty baguette and fresh radishes served with a small bowl of rough sea salt. Radishes?  At first, this combination seemed strange.  We tried the lovely roots and fell in love with them. Perhaps it was the setting, but these radishes became a favorite while on our trip. Back home, when the radishes are in season, we enjoy eating them while sitting on our patio with blanc ou rouge. It’s simple at home, too. Just today, our lovely neighbor brought me a bunch of fresh radishes from our local farmer’s market. I told her my radish story and what she told me was amazing.Fresh Farmer's Market Radishes

In France, she says, they eat the little darlings with butter. I did not know that and you better believe we will be eating these fresh treats along with butter. Can’t wait.

Visit: for this simply exquisite recipe.

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