Brodie here. Golden Commentary and Contemplation 12

So yeah, where were we.  Last we were together, political confusion was swirling. My golden mind still needs clarity.  I’m lost in a golden sea regarding the political scenes that keep rolling through the news feeds, newspapers, social media and the air in general.  The words, yes the lingo is perplexing.

Presidential hopefuls or aspiring presidential hopefuls are often referred to as blithering or dithering.  Confusing.  Blithering, I get this one…that’s someone that babbles…and what is babble…well, I think I babble when I really want something like bacon and I don’t get it…so I know…make noise..hoping for a positive outcome.  Then dithering…well that’s a wee more complicated.  See, to a dog a dithering person is someone (a well-meaning individual, of course) who says one thing with words…like “Sit”, when what they really want is a “down”… and my friends there is a difference.   “Dithering politicians”, just need more training…they need to get out of their own way.

These are confusing times, these are the best of times.



Brodie Here. Golden Commentary and Contemplation 11

Stumped by presumptive and oligarchy

So much has happened and my level of confusion has risen to the top of the golden charts.  Help me out.

That word “presumptive” keeps flying around.  She’s the presumptive candidate for the D Party, but the Bern guy continues to stoke the flames.  Then on the other side, the presumptive candidate can’t have a party, throw a party, make a party…so he’s not invited?…He said he’d go it alone.  What?

And another thing…that word “oligarchy”… the fire burning guy brings that up a lot.  And why?  I thought “oligarchy” was one of those luxury designers fashion brands. know worn only by the rich and famous…red carpet garb.  If I’m right, then I guess the Bern wants everyone to have the same clothing opportunities…you know dress for success, dress up, dress like you mean it?  Seems my golden bewilderment is unending.



Needing the long read

Marble bust of Socrates
Marble bust of Socrates, The Long Room at Trinity College                Dublin, Ireland

“True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.”

Socrates, we continue to benefit from your common sense.



What’s Your Daddy Food ?


My Dad during WWII in his Uniform of the Day.

When I saw my father take out the black cast-iron skillet, I knew that a favorite of mine was going to hit the table within 30 minutes.  This morning food magic happened while the coffee pot was percolating cheap java with chicory and the cooked bacon sat waiting. Lard, white flour, salt & pepper, milk, in that order would be turned into white gravy.  There was no recipe or cookbook.  Skillet hit one of the four burners.  First, a scoop of lard out of the lard-jar melted in the heated pan.  Then the flour.  His hands moved with purpose and confidence.  His large, dented, stainless steel spoon with a wooden handle was part of his system.  He’d stir the stuff using a smooth circular motion, blending and blending the grease with the flour until he saw the right consistency.  Next, milk was slowly added while the stirring continued.  Both of his hands were in action.  Stirring with patience and watching for the right moment, he’d add the salt and pepper.  And voila, there was the white gravy.

We’d eat it on white bread and beg for more.  If we were really lucky, the gravy topped some of his homemade biscuits to complete this Virginia country beginning for the day.   Chipped beef-gravy, red-eye gravy and sausage gravy made by him were also favorites.

Dang, I would love to have some of Daddy’s white gravy, but even more than that, I’d give anything for kitchen time with him and watch the magic he made for us.

What’s your Daddy food?  Would enjoy you sharing about your Daddy Food as we approach Father’s Day.