Brodie here. A Golden Political Commentary and Contemplation 7

I remain a confused golden retriever. What’s going on out there? I decided to take a break from the political scene, thinking and hoping that folks would come to their senses…hoping the mud-slinging would stop…hoping the shenanigans would die down..hoping the monkey business would cease. But no….during my respite from party politics, the race to the White House continues to take the food right out of my dog dish. I remain befuddled.

The e-mail server thing makes me want to howl…The pundits (who ever decided to call them that?) refer to this as “It is what it is” and “Enough is enough”. Well, why not throw in “Who cares” or “Batter-Up” or “Lassie Come Home” as an explanation. Frankly, I like “Lassie Come Home”, I’d even settle for “Lassie Go Home”. Do you see how none of this gets us closer to the “truth and nothing but the truth…so help me…..

It’s confusing. The polls presently show a race between the two parties as “Neck and Neck” in California. And what does that mean? I’ve seen the candidates on the TV and honestly I could not comment on their necks.¬† I’m usually focusing on their lying eyes and their ability to talk out of the sides of their mouths. Never thought to focus on necks. See, dogs inherently know how to read people and trust me, we don’t look at someone’s neck to figure them out.

I’ll close with asking what gives with this noxious¬†story about 3 inch fishes in California waters?…seems that “the first-class con-artist”opened up a can of smelly smelts.