14 thoughts on “Uncomplicated Thoughts: Please wait Christmas

  1. I agree with you. I wish they would at least wait until Thanksgiving is over to start with Christmas, but, they don’t. I saw some Christmas stuff out in October! I buck the system and try to experience one holiday at a time. It can be hard sometimes though. Some days, I do long for simplier times.

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    1. Tippysmom2, I really thought that you would comment. Getting to know my blogging friends. You are so right. I buck the system as well. It’s really easy for me, however, I do wish for that slower pace, that anticipation. Now that takes some work. Peace and blessing from me and Brodie to you and yours.

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      1. Am I too predictable? Growing up, we would go out into the field and cut down a tree, but wouldn’t get it until a week before Christmas so it wouldn’t dry out and cause a fire….that was the days of the huge bulbs on the strings of lights that really did get hot. I loved the anticipation and surprises of Christmas morning. One year, I accidently found some of the presents and cried all day because I thought I wouldn’t have a surprise. Peace and blessing to you too, from me and Tippy.


    1. I hope you are right. Our stores had Halloween, Thanksgiving overlapping & sharing space. It’s my uncomplicated thoughts that cry out for less things…less about the presents. We’ve done a good job with that…just hope others could find that as well. Peace

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