Brodie licks pumpkin and dreams of turducken

We’re getting ready for Thanksgiving. The peeps are talking who’s making what…what’s the final head count?…who ordered the Turducken?!…the what??? yeah, that’s a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, further stuffed into a deboned turkey…did you get that?  Now I must admit my dog lips would love to grab some of that…no such luck…I don’t get people food…but then I do.

Thanksgiving time always means I get some celebration in my dish…like canned pumpkin mixed lightly in my evening meal. The pilgrims and Native Americans liked pumpkin and so do I.  Funny part is that throughout the year if my dog insides start having problems, I get served some canned pumpkin to get me regular and settled…but Thanksgiving reaps the bounty of the pumpkin just because I get something special and it’s really good for me.  Now, while I really appreciate the canned pumpkin and it’s nutritional rewards…I do wish for and would give thanks for some of that three-layered foul thing landing in my bowl.

Giving thanks and feeling grateful.