Golden Brodie misses the lines? Really?

Hey all. I have had my retriever head, my dog brain focused on history. I seem to really enjoy learning about the White House and its past…its families…its traditions…and oh my how things have changed. As we make ready for the coming New Year’s Eve…preparing for the coming 2017…you gotta see these photos…you’ll see that people would que-up by the thousands from 1801-1932…on New Year’s Day to shake the hand of the serving President of the United States…offering cordial wishes & support for the coming year…my dog heart warmed to see these vintage black and white photos…to see the civility…the respect for the office…to see peeps feeling honored to wait on-line for the privilege of waiting…waiting quietly…no barriers…no sight of fear…just calm people…waiting.

West side of the White House at night flag flying atop and water fountain flowing
West side of the White House at night, flag flying atop and water fountain flowing

So, what did I learn???…looking into history renews my golden outlook and my belief in man-kind.  See ya in 2017…I’m ready for the whole dog-biscuit…can’t wait to do my golden resolutions. Happy New Year!!!


Haiku: Stunning red

Forage, Peck, Whistle

Conspicuous on the landscape

His red steals the show

Brilliantly red male cardinal
Stunning red male cardinal in Charlottesville, VA

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 12/27/16

Photos by Tara McLaughlin, a FaceBook Friend


Brodie shares the history of the Candy Cane

I love peppermint…especially when it is in the form of a candy cane.  Yeah, I learned about them my first Christmas…I golden nosed my way through the decorations on the tree and found this little red and white striped gem…now I look forward each Christmas to getting a piece of the sweet peppermint…however, now I wait for it…I’ve learned to back off the tree…having said that…did you know that small amounts peppermint are good for dogs?  Well…it’s true…and by the way here’s the history of the beloved ‘J’ shape like a shepherds crook…so the back story of the candy cane is spiritual and came in celebration of the nativity.

P.S.  Hope you watched this YouTube of two yellow labs cleansing a Christmas tree of candy canes…the big dude ate them all!  HA!  Love it!  Rock on retrievers!