Dogs and ice cream…Golden Brodie gives the scoop

Hey, it’s summer and I need to keep my dog self cool…so there’s nothing like seeing a small scoop of Dog Paws ice cream hit my dog bowl. Talk about disappearing…I can get that gone real quick.
But seriously…some dogs can eat ice cream…just gotta do your homework.  Another cool treat is frozen blueberries…man those little things are heavenly. Stay cool and Dog Paws Up!


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18 thoughts on “Dogs and ice cream…Golden Brodie gives the scoop

  1. One of my favourite memories was taking my dog to Diary Queen and buying a large soft ice cream for me and a small one for him. We’d sit in the park and it was pure bliss 🙂


  2. Interesting. Interesting ingredients in dog ice cream. is there a recipe? Because I would need to adapt it to allergy free ingredients. We have a Cocker spaniel poodle mix, and from the moment we adopted him we searched for simple ingredient foods to solve some of his skin problems. So we avoid soy, peanut, wheat, and milk ingredients.

    I can already see a few possibilities. Frozen peas in apple sauce or perhaps covered in chicken broth?
    BTW thanks for following my blog.

    May you and your dog keep your cool this summer, Deborah 😀


    1. Ever try making popsicles for the sweet pup. Water, smashed blueberries or strawberries. My golden Brodie loves them on the patio under the umbrella on a hot day! We’ll stay with your blog!!!

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