Golden Brodie offers woof-woof about his “snow-nose”

My humans noticed my big golden nose turning pink…what they said…why? Well..
“Snow nose” or “winter nose” is the most common reason why a dog’s nose will change color. It will fade from black to brown or pink during the winter months. … Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labs and Bernese Mountain dogs are the breeds where snow nose is most common.” Good stuff to know if you have one of the above breeds…pink is in and brown is out…during the winter months.

Inspirational photo by PamelaWLucas 1/4/18

17 thoughts on “Golden Brodie offers woof-woof about his “snow-nose”

  1. Hi Cutie! 😍🐾😍 Ansolutely no snow in Cley, do you want to come and spend a few days with us? 🙏
    Wishing you and yours a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018!✨🤗😚🤗


  2. Interesting to learn that. Dudley, our crazy Choc lab doesn’t see to much cold in the UK’s winter but funnily enough, we are experiencing a chilly spell just now so I shall check it out. Thanks. Hopefully a good play in the snow with him will give me something to blog about too.

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