Celebrate Winter and Art Series 2: Not forgotten

Under a blanket

Beauty remembered and missed

Cold brings memories

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 1/26/18

Winter (The Vicarage Garden under Snow) by Vincent van Gogh, 1885 painted in the United States
Photograph by Pinterest

Haiku: Piper

A unique beauty
A Black blue iridescent
Needs pipevine to live

Dutchman Pipevine host to Pipevine Swallowtail Butterflies
Dutchman Pipevine host to Pipevine Swallowtail Butterflies…plant some next spring!

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 10/25/17

Inspirational butterfly photo by Tara McLaughlin 10/17

Dutchman pipevine photo by Pinterest

Haiku: Butterfly Garden

Colors entice them
Petals and nectar attract
Comes the fluttering

Jefferson Vineyards, Charlottesville, VA
Jefferson Vineyards, Charlottesville, VA

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 9/30/17

Photo of Jefferson Vineyards Garden, Charlottesville, VA by Gary Lucas 9/30/17

Additional photo by PamelaWLucas, Charlottesville, VA, 9/30/17

Haiku: Bee Passion

A passion-flower
A nectaring bumble bee
Balance of beauty

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 9/27/17

Inspirational photo by Tara McLaughlin 9/17


Haiku: Evening munch

Deer consumed the vines
Yet morning-glory came through
Nature takes its place

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 9/23/17

Inspirational photo by PamelaWLucas 9/23/17

Haiku: Painted Lady

Wings are the palette
Camo delicate patterns
A passing treasure

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 9/22/17

Inspirational photo by Tara McLaughlin 9/17

More than 60,000 public sightings of the butterfly showed that Painted Ladies migrate as far north as the Arctic Circle.

Haiku: Hot Lips

They keep on coming

Lots of red lips in the fall

Enjoy until frost

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 9/20/17

Inspirational photo by PamelaWLucas 9/20/17

Why you might grow some lips.

Haiku: Fall Begonia

Tuberous beauty
Winding down it’s loveliness
Frost will take its place

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 9/18/17

Inspirational photo by Derek J. Knight 9/17