The flow of two: reminder

Look into the day
who needs a boost
what did yesterday bring
why does one seem low-spirited
how to bring a heart focus

remember the tiny butterfly you spotted
Bring mindfulness
Look into the day together

Free Verse by PamelaWLucas 6/18/18

Inspirational photo by Tara McLaughlin 6/18

Photo of a Great Spangled Fritillary spotted in Charlottesville, VA.

The flow of two: beatific hearts

serene moments moving through the day

together gathering and doing good

looking to a blissful evening

day and night balance

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 6/17/18

Inspirational photo by Pixabay

beatific: blissfully happy

The flow of two: wiser duo

times have one more enlightened


the other even wiser to listen

pausing with sensibility

waiting on knowledge shared

both wise owls

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 6/13/18

Inspirational photo of Northern Spotted Owls by Pinterest

The flow of two: blessing counting

celebrate together
the bluebird in the tree

look around and see the wonder

thankful for each other
unwanted changes will come and roll
focus and make it through
sustain the flow of devotion
counting blessings

waiting for the bluebird

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 6/13/18

Inspirational photo by Pinterest

The flow of two: tiniest affection

a mini peck
a blown kiss gives a flutter
an infinitesimal touch
the tiniest affection grows huge in the heart

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 6/4/18

Inspirational photo by Tara McLaughlin  To quote Tara, “This little Eastern-Tailed Blue butterfly was nectaring on a white clover flower.  It’s so tiny – about the size of a dime.  You can see its proboscis curled up.”


The flow of two: listening eyes

eye contact

listening with eyes

strong communication

keen connections

powerful offering

mindful love

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 6/4/18

Inspirational photo by Tara McLaughlin 6/18

The flow of two: a full house

sounds of laughter
arranged flowers, hearing healthy questions
smells of favorite foods and drink
ripples and flutters of music
people on a happy wave

nature’s beauty  brought inside

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 5/26/18

Inspirational photo by  Pinterest

The flow of two: an eddy appears

life serves up whirlpools
the unrest, the spirals, the twists
walk through the swirls with hands held
look for the edges
know that two will find the calm
know there are gentle waters ahead

Free verse by PamelaWLucas 5/11/18

Connecting with spring…

may the sun bring you new energy by day.

may the moon softly restore you by night.

may the rain wash away your worries.

may the breeze blow new strength into your being.

may you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life.   -apache blessing-

Inspirational photo by Pinterest