Uncomplicated thoughts: Reflection

Think carefully…contemplate…reflect

Tidal Basin-Washington Monument to the Jefferson Memorial
Tidal Basin-Washington Monument to the Jefferson Memorial

Inspirational photo provided by Fe Caces 6/17

Haiku: tiny prayers

Praying mantis nymph

head turns 180 degrees

two eyes and one ear

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 6/19/17

Inspirational photo by Cole Lucas 6/18/17

Haiku: The Skimmer

White faces blue eyes

Great Blue Skimmer Dragonfly

Total grace and speed

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 6/18/17

Inspirational photo by Tara McLaughlin 6/17  Tara opens our eyes to nature.  Many thanks!

Skimmers eat mosquitoes!…find them along streams and edges of woods



Haiku: All that is morning

Nature’s early rise

Unfurl unwind opening

waiting for the sun

Morning glory ready to unfurl.
Morning glory ready to unfurl

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 6/16/17

Inspirational photo by PamelaWLucas 6/16/17

Morning glory vines attract hummingbirds!


Haiku: Pineapple and sweet potato?

A soft sturdy green vine

Deceiving plant names

A sage of a different name

Pineapple sage
Easy to grow…then use a fresh sprig of this fruit-scented pineapple sage to garnish your frosty piña colada or glass of iced tea.

Don’t eat the sweet potato vine!  Just enjoy its simple light green beauty.

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 6/13/17

Inspirational photos by PamelaWLucas 6/13/17



Haiku: Bunny Butter

Tiny soft bunny
Flicker youthful butterfly
A bunny butter

American lady butterfly
American Lady butterfly in Charlottesville, VA

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 6/5/17

Inspirational photographs by Tara McLaughlin