History Nuggets: Mayflower Pilgrims and home brew

Beer was key…beer was safer to drink than water especially aboard ship. So yes, the Mayflower Pilgrims carried their beer across the Atlantic…

William Bradford mentioned their need for beer when he recalled the day they set out for what would be known as Plymouth:

“So in the morning, after we had called on God for direction, we came to this resolution — to go presently ashore again and to take a better view of the two places which we thought most fitting for us; for we could not now take much time for further search or consideration, our *victuals being much spent, especially our **beer.”

Original source:  William Bradford’s daily journal.

*Victuals – provisions, food

**Out of beer, the Pilgrims were forced to live off water. Beer was viewed as a health drink. It was fairly low on alcohol and didn’t make one sick like the water from many streams and wells in Europe.  Cheers!

Inspirational photo by Pixabay



History Nugget: Pilgrim Babies

Oceanus Hopkins (1620— c. 1626) was the only child born on the Mayflower during its historic voyage which brought the English Pilgrims to America. A boy, Peregrine White, was born on board, after arriving in America, as the ship lay at anchor.  Thanks be to God.

Inspirational photo by Pixabay