History Tidbits: Macaroni and Cheese 19th Century Style

Here’s a history tidbit wrapped up in details…

Who knew that macaroni and cheese’s lineage is rich with such notables beginning with  Marco Polo and going on to… Thomas Jefferson.  Who knew that TJ’s cousin, Mary Randolph…his acting hostess in his Virginia home after the death of his wife… served macaroni and cheese made by James Hemings…see James was a slave owned by Thomas Jefferson…TJ had James schooled in the culinary arts in France and then James became his chef…James was among the first chefs in America to serve macaroni and cheese. TJ loved macaroni and cheese.  There is so much more to this story.

Brodie’s History Nuggets: old is new again?!

Stop, look and golden listen…there is not a day that goes by that I do not hear about fake news…fake news on this side…fake news from that side…fake news rolling in the middle…

Just want you to know that fake news was alive and well during George Washington‘s time.  That’s right…I mean that is correct…General George Washington experienced slander through forged letters that attempted to undermine his commitment to winning the Revolutionary War and freeing the colonies from the heavy and oppressive rule of King George III.  Interesting that these slanders seem to have been an inside job from a Loyalist, who fled to England and died there. But even more interesting, Gen. Washington went on to become President Washington, the first president of the United States of America.  Now that was a genuine golden beginning…

Golden retrieves good news lemons

Sure…golden retrievers don’t drink lemonade but we do know a happy and golden undertaking when we see it.  The great state of Utah just legalized lemonade stands and other businesses run by kids.

lemonade sign
Come and get your fresh lemonade

Who would ever think that necessary?!..seems odd…but now Utah kiddies no longer need a $30 permit to exercise their entrepreneur spirit…earning money to so such things as shoveling snow and setting up a lemonade stand.  I’m clapping my paws together for these industrious kids…Utah’s state motto is “industry” and for those adults who passed a good golden rule law for “the Beehive State.”

Get ready to walk your dog to your neighborhood lemonade stand and support those golden kids.  Good on ya!

Brodie brings a golden history nugget: Immigrant squirrel sponsored by Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin loved Eastern gray squirrels…loved them so much that during his diplomatic services (1770) in England he sent word to his wife Deborah to send some of the gray creatures across the pond to him.  He would then give them as gifts.

Portrait of founding fathers with Benjamin Franklin as the focal point along with George Washington
Portrait of founding fathers with Benjamin Franklin, representing Pennsylvania, as the focal point along with George Washington

Mungo was the treasured gray who met a rather viscous death…so loved was the furry gray that Mr. Franklin wrote a special elegy.

Golden squirrel love and paws up!

Brodie unearths Polk being dug up yet again?

Gotta golden tell you that the 11th President of the United States, James Polk…keeps moving around…his remains have been exhumed three times and still…there is another possibility of relocating him yet again.

R.I.GoldenP.  President Polk.

Golden Brodie History Nugget



Brodie sends a golden supreme nugget

Seems appropriate to talk about the Supreme Court…given what’s happening on “The Hill”.

Well, get out of the moment and go back to 1789 and the appointment of the first Chief Justice to the Supreme Court.  Know who he was?  Hint…his last name is that of a rather large bird and his initials are JJ…got him now…John Jay.

The blue jay is native to North America.
The blue jay is native to North America.

A golden good try if you didn’t know and Paws Up if you did!!!!!

Golden Brodie’s history nuggets: #8 POTUS & tigers, Oh My!

Born in 1782 and died during the Civil War…Kinderhook, New York was his birthplace… of Dutch decent and the son of a tavern owner…made it through middle school…then studied law and passed the bar…had the nickname of “Red Fox of Kinderhook” because of his red flaming hair…served faithfully in Andrew Jackson’s cabinet…was a senator…had a one term presidency from 1837–1841…his presidency began with financial crisis which he inherited…banks failing…know as the “Panic of 1837″…a real run on bad luck for Martin Van Buren…aka Red Fox…8th President of the United States.

Tiger cubs in the wild
Tiger cubs in the wild

No dog paws in the Red Fox White House but Van Buren was given a pair of tiger cubs by the Sultan of Oman…the cubs stayed with Red for a short period of time and then off to the zoo they went.  Bet they were beauties…

Golden Brodie the Golden Retriever…digger of history nuggets… signing off…over and out…