Brodie brings a golden history nugget: Immigrant squirrel sponsored by Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin loved Eastern gray squirrels…loved them so much that during his diplomatic services (1770) in England he sent word to his wife Deborah to send some of the gray creatures across the pond to him.  He would then give them as gifts.

Portrait of founding fathers with Benjamin Franklin as the focal point along with George Washington
Portrait of founding fathers with Benjamin Franklin, representing Pennsylvania, as the focal point along with George Washington

Mungo was the treasured gray who met a rather viscous death…so loved was the furry gray that Mr. Franklin wrote a special elegy.

Golden squirrel love and paws up!

Brodie unearths Polk being dug up yet again?

Gotta golden tell you that the 11th President of the United States, James Polk…keeps moving around…his remains have been exhumed three times and still…there is another possibility of relocating him yet again.

R.I.GoldenP.  President Polk.

Golden Brodie History Nugget



Golden Brodie’s history nuggets: #8 POTUS & tigers, Oh My!

Born in 1782 and died during the Civil War…Kinderhook, New York was his birthplace… of Dutch decent and the son of a tavern owner…made it through middle school…then studied law and passed the bar…had the nickname of “Red Fox of Kinderhook” because of his red flaming hair…served faithfully in Andrew Jackson’s cabinet…was a senator…had a one term presidency from 1837–1841…his presidency began with financial crisis which he inherited…banks failing…know as the “Panic of 1837″…a real run on bad luck for Martin Van Buren…aka Red Fox…8th President of the United States.

Tiger cubs in the wild
Tiger cubs in the wild

No dog paws in the Red Fox White House but Van Buren was given a pair of tiger cubs by the Sultan of Oman…the cubs stayed with Red for a short period of time and then off to the zoo they went.  Bet they were beauties…

Golden Brodie the Golden Retriever…digger of history nuggets… signing off…over and out…



Golden Brodie digs up unusual stuff on #7

Do you know who #7 was?  Hint:  Initials AJ…yes, you got it…Andrew Jackson.  His history is loaded with goodie dog treats… with factoids that will raise your awareness of this man who was loved by many, yet a very controversial figure.  Like this…

Jackson’s parents emigrated from Ireland…Jackson killed a man in a duel and carried a bullet in his body as a result of this stand-off…”Old Hickory” won the popular vote for president three times…He was the target of the first attempted presidential assassination…He adopted two Native American boys…and much more…”Old Hickory stabled his steady stead at the White House…Sam Patch…a white stallion that he rode during the War of 1812…AJ also had a racehorse, Truxton and an African grey parrot named Poll…who cussed like a sailor, offending many guests.

Golden interesting…

Golden Brodie fetches a gator and silks on #6

#6…John Quincy Adams born 1767…first son of a former president to become POTUS…first president photographed… born in Braintree, Massachusetts…Harvard grad… traveled abroad assisting his father…who was a founding father… outstanding multilingual talents…Q spoke English,French and Russian fluently and got by with Greek, Italian and Spanish.  John Q’s life had him as a young boy witnessing the Revolutionary War practically in his MA backyard…he knew Thomas Jefferson well and hung out with Benjamin Franklin’s grandchildren…in his father’s footsteps…he dedicated his life to public service…architect of the Monroe Doctrine…after his presidency he served as U.S. Representative from Massachusetts in 1830, serving for the last 17 years of his life with greater acclaim than he had achieved as president.

Best golden digs…Q did not have a dog while in the White House…he did however, have an alligator gifted to him from the Revolutionary War hero the Marquis de Lafayette’s family.  In the absence of social media then…ha!… we don’t know how the lovely first lady Abigail Adams felt about the reptile…but the toothy jawed creature lived in a bathtub in the East Wing…constantly shocking people with its mere image…eventually finding a new home (unknown location.)  Abigail also raised silk-worms and the silks contributed in the making of her dresses.  How about that?!  Gator and silks…

Young alligator in the reeds
Alligator in the reeds…not in a bathtub
A silkworm eating a Mulberry leaf
Silkworm eating to make a dress

Brodie’s history nuggets about #5

5th President of the United States…James Monroe…born in Virginia…graduate of the College of William and Mary…was instrumental and in the room as one of the founding fathers…there are so many “the only or the first to” regarding his presidency that my golden-self had to take a treat and grab a slurp of water. Example…Monroe was the first president to wear long pants…bye bye knee breeches…his daughter was the first bride in the White House…first president to ride in a steamboat and the last to wear a wig.  Man he was out there!

His contributions to the development of the United States were monumental.

Here’s the golden part.  He had sheep dogs and a black spaniel that enjoyed living in the White House.

Fireworks on the night sky
Fireworks on the night sky

This is amazing… this little nugget tugs at my patriotic heart…three of the first five U.S. Presidents died on the 4th of July… John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died in 1826 within hours of each other, while James Monroe, #5, died five years later in 1831 as the fireworks and celebration of our independence  rang through the skies and the streets. Golden amazing…Thanks be to these great men.


Brodie delves into history nuggets and finds a bird

James Madison…#4…Fourth President of the United States…one of the 8 presidents born in the great state of Virginia…one of the founding fathers…known as the “father of the constitution”…the one responsible for drafting the first 10 amendments to the Bill of Rights…the shortest president at 5′ 4”…there’s more…

My golden digs also uncovered that his wife, Dolley Madison was a very popular and fashionable first lady…she threw great parties..enjoyed wearing a turban..she was the first lady who abandoned the White House with a few precious belongings…fleeing the British soldiers who would set fire to the “People’s House” during the War of 1812…yeah…she left her house open…her food on the dinner table and the invading forces gobbled it up…then burnt and trashed the nation’s capitol…the nerve…

While the Madison’s did not have a dog…they had a  green parrot that they adored.  Dolley’s quick exit from DC had her clutching the birds cage…the cage that contained her precious talking pet who…by the way… out lived both her and #4.  What a sturdy bird!