Brodie hides from the “Spin”

I curled up nose to tail in front of the wide-screen to watch the second presidential debate (debate???really???)…in St. Louie…town hall forum.   The zingers began adding up…I started scratching my ears and placing my paws over my eyes as I listened to the “Spin and the Pivoting”…and then I sequestered myself…hiding in the closet.  I kept waiting for the “going high part”…

Twenty minutes in…ending in the nearest closet was a good move for me.  Each of the candidates moved me to go high in my own way…so my golden self decided to move away…leave it…drop it… Sometimes going into a happy place can help us all.  The closet became that spot.

Next time you hear from me…I’ll share with you some information about polling and how it “should work.”  Look for it.  Paws up!

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