Brodie offers humane and effective training lessons to main stream media

When you think there is no more political underbelly available…just when you think the stream of information?!?… provided to you by the media… as they fill their role in reporting and shaping public opinions has hit bedrock…the basement…surprise…it’s not over till the last vote is cast???  Well, I have a golden idea to stop this gutter bleed…some of the media simply needs some golden training and constructive feedback.

I have and continue to do my best to avoid distractions while I am on the lead.  In other words, when I am out in public, socializing and being a solid companion, distractions have been my falling like a rolling rock speeding down hill…distractions keep my off target…distractions rob me of my focus and my ability to contribute in a fine dog way…you know strut my stuff…get the pets and praise that simply make my world a happy place.  So…we should offer very basic training lessons to the media,…talk radio…major networks…lessons that address “How to Avoid Distractions” while reporting on the issues…I know these are good folks, smart folks, folks that strive to inform and with that said, getting some help for these folks would help to put us all in a better place in this race to the White House.

Please know that I continue to strive to avoid distractions…I am so easily tempted but even my slightest successes give me hope.  Paws up!  Be hopeful.