Miracle. All of it.

A miracle…

Live & Learn

Pregnant Turtle. Female turtles are able to retain sperm in their Fallopian tubes for up to three years, which can be used for different clutches of eggs. A single clutch of eggs can also have multiple fathers.

~ Jessica Stewart, 12 Incredible X-Rays Reveal How Different Pregnant Animals Look (My Modern Met)


  • Inspired by Albert Einstein’s quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
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Hydrangea Pruning ~ The RIGHT Way!

All of ya’ll out there who have these lovelies…so many of us talk about our hydrangeas with a certain level of mystery…how…when to prune…well here you go! Bloom on!!!!

Midwestern Plants

 It’s just getting warm enough to be outside for a bit of yard work. I gave my two, new PeeGee hydrangeas (Hydrangeapaniculata ‘Grandiflora’) a haircut.


Hydrangeas are a mystery for some folks. Many people complain of non-blooming hydrangeas and incorrect pruning is usually to blame.

Although there are many kinds of hydrangea, they all fall into only two types of pruning.

Mophead (Macrophyllas) and Oakleaf (Quercifolia) Hydrangea types bloom on OLD WOOD.

Mopheads (think afro) are pink or blue*  (white are rare), very round blooms OR a circular bloom with larger blooms around smaller.


Oakleaf have white cone flowers like the paniculata, however the leaves look like oak leaves, very distinctive.


OLD WOOD = stems that have been on the hydrangea since the summer before the current season.

This group of hydrangeas set their flower buds around August, September or October for the following summer’s blooms…

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Brodie barks about dogs going to 9-5

You might not like going to your work…getting up…commuting…commuting back…then get up and do it again.  Well, I gotta tell you dogs see it this way…many do not like watching their owners get up…unhappy…sucking on a cup of coffee…then walking at the dog-poop pace…then closing the door behind them… so the work day can begin…staying & waiting for the door to open.  It’s a lonely drag for dogs.  So, here comes the U.S. Department of Interior…(Mind you I am not a political creature.)…wanting to allow their employees…on Fridays…to bring their dog to work!  It’s a trial…its a let us see if this helps create a “happy” department!!! How golden cool is that?!

So, get out of the way…pour me some java…get the poop thing going and off WE go!  Nobody left at home to see that door close.  Paws up on this one.

Why allowing dogs in the office is a good idea.


Golden thoughts about “Move-it-in and Move-it-out”

As a mature golden retriever I work each day on staying calm…but things that really upset me have to do with moving things around…you know like rearranging the furniture…putting things into boxes and suitcases…I just get a little worried.  Well, the biggest move is about to happen tomorrow in the White House…“The most frenzied American ritual you’ve never seen is called the “transfer of families,” a five-hour tsunami of activity that transforms President Obama’s home into President Trump’s.”

Kitchen prep in The White House
Kitchen prep in The White House

If I were there for this frantic…beat the clock move…I’d position my golden-self in the kitchen…no boxes…no relocating stuff…just folks cooking up a storm of food for the coming guests of the President…which opens up the possibility for crumbs…perhaps a scrap or two!?!  Peace…Paws Up!


Golden Brodie misses the lines? Really?

Hey all. I have had my retriever head, my dog brain focused on history. I seem to really enjoy learning about the White House and its past…its families…its traditions…and oh my how things have changed. As we make ready for the coming New Year’s Eve…preparing for the coming 2017…you gotta see these photos…you’ll see that people would que-up by the thousands from 1801-1932…on New Year’s Day to shake the hand of the serving President of the United States…offering cordial wishes & support for the coming year…my dog heart warmed to see these vintage black and white photos…to see the civility…the respect for the office…to see peeps feeling honored to wait on-line for the privilege of waiting…waiting quietly…no barriers…no sight of fear…just calm people…waiting.

West side of the White House at night flag flying atop and water fountain flowing
West side of the White House at night, flag flying atop and water fountain flowing

So, what did I learn???…looking into history renews my golden outlook and my belief in man-kind.  See ya in 2017…I’m ready for the whole dog-biscuit…can’t wait to do my golden resolutions. Happy New Year!!!