Brodie masters the political numbers

52 pick-up is a blast.  I love playing cards and just lately I have found myself saying  “deal me in.”  And lately, I have been working on my numbers…yeah…I have a canine history right out of the litter of not being on top of my math facts.  I have tried to better myself and have recently been working on place value comprehension.  See the past few days…my dog ears hear ad nauseam about… no taxes paid…dodging the process…dirty dealing…shifty books…?! And the numbers ranked way out of my golden brain…so I motivated myself to improve…saw an opportunity! So, I got the one’s place, got the 10’s place, got the 100’s place, got the thousands…but when reading numbers out loud that roll into the millions…I’m stumped…The number I practiced with is 915,729,293…whooper correct!!! So, the ingenuity in me said tackle this from another angle and so…I started focusing on rounding up and I slammed that down!!! Got it! 916,000,000 and to make it even easier…916 million (dollars).  See there is more than one way to get an egg from a chicken…forget that saying about a cat…it’s unkind.

Paws up…be sure to take yourself to Longwood University, Farmville, VA to experience the veep candidates debate.