Brodie delves into history nuggets and finds a bird

James Madison…#4…Fourth President of the United States…one of the 8 presidents born in the great state of Virginia…one of the founding fathers…known as the “father of the constitution”…the one responsible for drafting the first 10 amendments to the Bill of Rights…the shortest president at 5′ 4”…there’s more…

My golden digs also uncovered that his wife, Dolley Madison was a very popular and fashionable first lady…she threw great parties..enjoyed wearing a turban..she was the first lady who abandoned the White House with a few precious belongings…fleeing the British soldiers who would set fire to the “People’s House” during the War of 1812…yeah…she left her house open…her food on the dinner table and the invading forces gobbled it up…then burnt and trashed the nation’s capitol…the nerve…

While the Madison’s did not have a dog…they had a  green parrot that they adored.  Dolley’s quick exit from DC had her clutching the birds cage…the cage that contained her precious talking pet who…by the way… out lived both her and #4.  What a sturdy bird!

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