Haiku: Belles ring in spring

Virginia Bluebells

Come with the whispers of spring

Blanket the landscape

First VA Bluebells - signs of an early spring
First VA Bluebells – signs of an early spring in Veronica’s garden

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 2/25/17

Photo from Pixby

Up close photo by good friend Veronica Sanchez 2/17

Embrace the Virginia Bluebell


Brodie digs #3…Thomas Jefferson and his Buzzy

# 3 President of the USA…TJ…Thomas Jefferson…the renaissance man…true author of the Declaration of Independence…visionary of the manifest destiny of the coming United States of America…and who knew…there’s a dog in there…yeah…the French Briard Sheep Dog.

Big paws up TJ… After being introduced to the Briard breed while in France… Thomas walked the streets of La Havre to find a Briard ready to whelp…purchased her… naming her Buzzy.  Buzzy gave birth to two pups in the middle of their Atlantic crossing and there you have the beginnings of this beautiful, intelligent, fierce protector and strong french breed working dog introduced into America.

P.S. TJ also tried to rid his dogs of fleas through a flea prevention…infusion of bitter almonds into their daily diet of barley soaked in milk.  Those darn fleas!

Haiku: Early iris

Bold little iris

Welcome showy blues of blues

Linger till spring comes

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 2/24/17

Photo by good friend Veronica Sanchez 2/17

Flowers give such meaning and beauty to our lives. The iris got its name from an ancient Greek Goddess who used the rainbow to bridge heaven and earth.

Haiku: Oh deer

Stoic survivors

Gentle herds of herbivores

Wild on the landscape

Haiku by PamelaWLucas 2/24/17

Photo by good FBFriend 2/17, Tara McLaughlin

Tara feeds the deer that visit her property, as well as the foxes and raccoons.


Yes, deer will eat your shrubs and flowers, but there are certain species they will overlook, unless they are starving.  Read up and save your garden.

Haiku: Honey makers

Come honey makers

Pollinate the bee magic

Summer please bring them

Swallowtail butterfly nectaring on an orange lily
Swallowtail butterfly nectaring on an orange lily

When buying seeds for spring planting, consider growing flowers that attract honey bees and butterflies and end the use of harmful pesticides that kill the honey bee population and harm the butterfly cycle of life.

Haiku: The Rhino

Huge ancient creatures
Endangered by human greed
Find a way to help

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 2/22/17

Raise your awareness.  Look into helping.


Brodie digs #2…John Adams

Good digs…Our first vice president became the second president of the United States…John Adams was also the first president to live in the White House…he had the first White House stables built…and his dogs…Satan and Juno were the first pups to run on the new White House lawn.  Lots of firsts with #2!  President Adams was dedicated not only to serving his people…but to caring for his animals.  Paws Up for John Adams.