History Tidbits: Who opened his mouth to Freedom?

There is always a beginning…a start…in some cases a stick your neck out and go for it moment.

So, let’s celebrate that moment… let’s celebrate the  man who stood up during the Continental Congress on June 7, 1776 in the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia, making the motion…calling for the colonies’ independence from Great Britain.

That man was Richard Henry Lee, a brilliant statesman from Virginia who helped create the United States of America.  We all thank you Mr. Lee, for that beginning…that moment in history and for its outcome as a result of the resolve of the great men representing the 13 colonies and their passion for independence.  Happy Fourth of July.

5 thoughts on “History Tidbits: Who opened his mouth to Freedom?

  1. Although I am not American, I live in Eastern Europe, I appreciate all brave people. On the other hand I have read very eye-opening approach about historical trends in all-time-classic War and Peace by Russian Tolstoy. He highlighted that the general attitude to history should be amended. Great statesmen could not have triggered significant actions unless their efforts had been in line with the will of a mass. He said that history is not the line of events prompted by a few particular people, instead it is the set of processes. When a social process reaches a mature point, it gives birth to its own leader so that it can evolve further by action taken.


    1. Goes without saying. Realize that these men at the time were putting their lives in jeopardy and could have been killed for treason. Their voices and measures were representing the masses…with exception of the loyal Tory supporters of King George.

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