Uncomplicated: Honeybee swarm and a caring phone call

When precious honeybees swarm near your house or you see a swarm…get on-line…search for “bee removal and your address”…call one of the qualified bee keepers to come and safely relocate the bees.  Do not attempt to move the bees.  Do not harm the bees.

I live in Northern Virginia and here an example of a published list of bee removal sources.  I keep it handy.

Amazing photograph provided by Philip Redinger.  He took this photo of a swarm near his house…after he called the beekeeper.  The swarm was successfully relocated.

15 thoughts on “Uncomplicated: Honeybee swarm and a caring phone call

      1. Yes, we are.. My hubby has been a fan of honeybees for a long time.. This is our third year with one hive. Two others did not make it. I did not know I could be sad to observe dead bees, but I was. It was either moisture or they did not have enough honey to carry them through the winter… ): You are welcome! I think of you often with all of the kookiness in our gov.. going on…


  1. It is amazing how the bees swarm like that. The picture is beautiful. We do need the bees. So many people are afraid of any bee and will run or try to kill them. I try to teach my kids at daycare that, if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you and that we need them for our food.


  2. We have a gal in our church who just started with bee keeping. She was so excited a few weeks back when she got a call to go get a “wild” swarm. I keep trying to convince my husband that we need to get bees. Only problem….he swells up a lot with bee stings so I am thinking we won’t be getting any in the near future.
    Love that photo!


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