Brodie turns up allergic again..this time to nuts!?

Six days ago I had a reaction to political shenanigans that resulted in very irritating hives.  Done with that…But no…this morning my golden dog body had an allergic reaction to nuts…that’s right nuts…nuts baked into these political cakes we’ve been yelping about.

Totally my fault…totally…I went for the cake…just sitting there…snatched the political cake and who knew…there were nuts…so many different kinds and types of nut-cases in that cake that I needed a Benadryl.  Dogs are especially allergic to nuts and the only type of nut, according to Internet research that dogs can eat are Hazel Nuts. (But… avoid them as they can cause a dog to choke.) The nuts I consumed in that political cake had different proper names…no Hazel in there…but names familiar to you.

Be golden in your thoughts and don’t work the table and don’t “take the cake.”  Don’t expect disclaimers or warnings.


Brodie yaps about “baked into the cake”

Short and golden remarks…You hear this often in the written and oral press…”Is it baked in the cake?”…or “It’s bake into the cake.”
According to Urban Dictionary, “baked into the cake” refers to “a situation that is so involved and interwoven which is basically impossible to be fully extricated.” So in other words, there is so much controversy swirling on both sides of this presidential campaign…that both have left a “trail of cakes” so wide and long that Americans could gorge on these political party pastries until the elephants, donkeys and others come to vote…or not.

The key word here is “extricated”…meaning to release or to remove or to extract or to free…think of the issues and you decide what’s in that cake that’s going nowhere.