Brodie’s golden In and Out List

I know that the Washington Post is known annually for its listing of What’s In and What’s Out as we approach a New Year.  Well, I can’t wait… my golden dog ears and eyes have been keenly listening and observing, ready for the scoop…or the poop…which ever you prefer to call this.  So….read on and consider my golden outlook on the in and out list… be sure to recall what events occurred this year…and oh …what a year it has been…Peace baby

IN                                          OUT

Adopting/saving animals  Not helping the many

Peaceful protests               Rioting/destroying

Shocked veggies                Steaming veggies

45th President                  44th President

DOW 20,000                       Stymied market

Super Beet Juice                 Regular beets

Presidential Tweets            Press briefings

Proudly rich                        Hiding ones wealth

Online shopping                 Brick & Mortar retailers

Civic Lessons                       Clueless about govt.

Dehydrated Brussel Sprouts  Potato Chips

Bad Santa Parties               Christmas Caroling

5th Avenue White House     The White House

Mashed cauliflower               Mashed Potatoes

Feeding the homeless            Not helping the many

Craving Credible reporting    Fake/shocking news

Big Business Cabinet           Prof. Bureaucrats

Middle America                    Coastal Cities

Memes                                   Fads

Extreme minimal living       Extreme mortgage$

Living the golden rule       Not living the golden rule




Golden Brodie researches a good chuckle for donkeys and elephants

As we approach the “end game” on November 8th some peeps out there have drawn…what I’ll call silly conclusions about sizing up the voters…Perhaps because this is nail-biting time, getting off of the fence time…voter fatigue time…don’t know what else to do with myself time…loose your mind time…turn off that sponsored campaign ad time.  Read this and have a golden chuckle…we could all use some levity right now…

  • Donkeys prefer vanilla ice cream
  • Elephants prefer chocolate ice cream
  • Donkeys are a thriving species
  • Elephants are an endangered species
  • Popular Donkey Car: Toyota Prius
  • Popular Elephant Car: Dodge Ram 1500
  • Donkeys prefer living in cities
  • Elephants prefer living in the country
  • Donkeys prefer veggie-burgers
  • Elephants prefer hamburgers
  • Donkeys like cats
  • Elephants like dogs
  • Donkeys want good paying jobs
  • Elephants want good paying jobs
  • Donkeys want the best education possible
  • Elephants want the best education possible
  • Donkeys want to feel safe and be safe
  • Elephants want to feel safe and be safe
  • Donkeys want what’s best for our country
  • Elephants want what’s best for our country

…in the end we share more than is realized…go vote…you’ll only regret what you don’t do…paws up!



Brodie opined, shifted then sifted then the leak

Reflecting here… what have we learned during this presidential campaign for POTUS term 2017-20??!…I must admit that my golden confusion has stayed with me through this whole process…Let me share…I consistently opined that my golden outlook kept me square in the middle…no right…no left…in the center, mid, midway…try to do that sometime…it’s quite the challenge.  I endeavored  to uplift all elephants and donkeys…I focused on the facts…sometimes with drool comments…excuse me… droll comments.  There was never a leak coming from me…until today, however…I could not help this…My thoughts took me to the day after the election…November 9th…the day after…and I leaked.  I realized that I must prepare myself…either way…I must lay golden ground work thoughts for the next administration…donkey or elephant.  Hopefully, many folks will also formulate their feelings and thoughts and go for the gold…rise above and help our country move forward…for the good…for the nation…for the same boat.

Brodie takes you to a point

So what is the point at this point of the presidential election process…voting for the next president of the USA…voting for your member of the House of Representatives…voting for your state senator…

Well, this little guy Oblio with his dog Arrow have been around since 1971…watch and see how everyone and everything has had a point forever…so long ago…so many points that few listen!?!…the thems…theys…hes…the shes…especially if the point is not on their point.

Give yourself 10 sweet golden moments and get a another point going.  Lots of messages in this point.




Brodie reports…dead donkeys and elephants vote?

Looking for "The Rainbow Bridge"
Looking for The Rainbow Bridge

How can this be…??  Let me explain the after life for dogs. (Our dear friends the cats, as well, all gods animals.) Once we have gone from our western world and culture…we jump over “The Rainbow Bridge.”  This is a super special place that waits ready for animals only.  All animals are welcomed…there is forever peace and happiness…no pain…no need for heart worm medicine…no medicine/vets period…no allergies…you can sleep wherever you want…no need for fences…you go wherever you want…lots of treats…tons of play toys and balls…incredible swimming…fetching & retrieving for all…training classes are available for those who choose to self-improve…no need for dog parks…it’s one big hang out spot…and all are friends and included. AND, thanks to Pope John Paul II…in 1990…he declared that “all dogs go to heaven” because they have a soul and god created us all.  So there you have it…we have dual citizenship…the bridge…and heaven.  Yeah…

Heavenly sky
Heavenly Sky

As far as donkeys and elephants voting after death…I’m not clear on this… research indicates that voter fraud exists... confusion…denial…antiquated systems…dishonesty…all wrap into millions of illegal votes cast.

The way I see it, all gods creatures can qualify for the right to vote…and because animals can jump over the rainbow AND live in heaven there is no stopping that action…Golden applause for dual citizenship.

Brodie digs up the “Genie in the Polls” granting wishes

Ok…I did my golden best to understand and research these presidential polls that many are obsessing over.   Admitting that I came away confused…yes I did and for solid reasons.  Confusing at best is the manner in which polling information comes together, then massaged, spun and refined and finally reported…shared.  I got into quartile, outliers (Yes, they are out there!), data, margin of error, subsets, median, data points, statistics, range, biased sampling, upper fence and lower fence (really…???…I thought I knew what a fence was…wrong!), margin of error, sampling collection, results…and on it goes.  Here’s the deal…there’s a genie in these numbers…working the numbers…every poll has its purpose…and can be handled in such as way as to produce the results wanted…key word…wanted results.  Some polls attempt to use protocols that present the results in a fair and unbiased way.  So…here’s your Golden Polling 101.  Not full proof…but consider doing your own digging…Start getting on top of these numbers…Go get it……

270toWin Make your own interactive map for presidential results…see different models…some like this…some don’t

538 A polling aggregation website…some dig it…some don’t

These are just two sources for your polling entertainment…the more you dig… the better you’ll feel…about this presidential deal…information is golden power.




Brodie offers humane and effective training lessons to main stream media

When you think there is no more political underbelly available…just when you think the stream of information?!?… provided to you by the media… as they fill their role in reporting and shaping public opinions has hit bedrock…the basement…surprise…it’s not over till the last vote is cast???  Well, I have a golden idea to stop this gutter bleed…some of the media simply needs some golden training and constructive feedback.

I have and continue to do my best to avoid distractions while I am on the lead.  In other words, when I am out in public, socializing and being a solid companion, distractions have been my falling like a rolling rock speeding down hill…distractions keep my off target…distractions rob me of my focus and my ability to contribute in a fine dog way…you know strut my stuff…get the pets and praise that simply make my world a happy place.  So…we should offer very basic training lessons to the media,…talk radio…major networks…lessons that address “How to Avoid Distractions” while reporting on the issues…I know these are good folks, smart folks, folks that strive to inform and with that said, getting some help for these folks would help to put us all in a better place in this race to the White House.

Please know that I continue to strive to avoid distractions…I am so easily tempted but even my slightest successes give me hope.  Paws up!  Be hopeful.

Brodie leaks on the process to elect

We are getting closer…moving in on Tuesday, November 8th..the big day…the colossal finale to this presidential race to the White House.  Can’t wait for that day…literally I could not wait…and I leaked all over the process.  It was an accident…I was not paid in golden coins.  There was no ill-gotten gain.  I have no allegiance to either the donkeys or the elephants. So…how am I different from the other leakers?  Well…the golden in me experienced self-evaluation and I’ll pay attention to not letting myself get into such a position again.  I received good training and understand the good.  I wasn’t chasing some promise of shiny dog toys or yummy snacks. My four legs also came forward and spilled it…told you what I did.  So…what have we learned…well…I’m going to curb it.

Brodie woofs about the “Spin”

Round One of the presidential debates…ding, ding…over…who won…who knows…do you care?!?… Some demonstrate excessive patterns with this race to the White House…like pundits, the media, newspaper writers, pollsters…and a conglomerate of human beings that continue to “spin” the “after-debate” to favor their candidate…ad nausea…Hey how about that word!  But let’s get back to spin.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary…spin as a noun refers to a particular way of representing an event or situation to the public so that it will be understood in a way that you want it to be understood, i.e., “They put a positive spin on the story, but no one was fooled.” Now…spin as verb means to turn around and around, or to cause something or someone to turn.  That’s the spin my four-legged brain understands.

See…one of my canine friends suddenly became hooked on the spin…spinning and chasing his tail…he’d do this frantically when he was super stressed out…and once he got going there was no stopping him until he reached complete exhaustion.  His loving people took him to a dog behaviorist…and wow… He learned to run through tunnel agility courses in straight lines…he increased his daily exercise routine & mental stimulation… worked with activity toys, puzzles and problem solving games that helped relieve stress and re-focus his mind and Voila!…no more spin!  So…clearly we have a simple cure to reduce the spin…like…avoid stress…be sure to exercise, run straight lines and work challenging puzzles…got that?!?!

Next debate is between the vice presidential candidates schedules on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016, 9 p.m. EST.  Paws up and run those tunnels…

Brodie hunts down political speak

My golden self devotes time to expanding my vocabulary.  This requires my ears and hearing ready and open…and my dog brain engaged to learn.  So…I heard this the other day on a major network “scurrilous lies….”I had no idea what this “s-word” meant, so I went to Webster’s.  Scurrilous means “making or spreading scandalous claims about someone with the intention of damaging their reputation.”  What an epiphany I had…this handy adjective clearly describes political antics of today.  So…then I looked up the antonym for this “s-word” and found polite, clean and decent.  It’s never too late to change it up.

Let’s all, everybody… go for the paradigm shift in politics by changing our political conversations and behaviors…thereby rendering this “s-word” obsolete.

Ears up.