Brodie barks “Safety first for furry friends”

I’m a retriever…you know a lowland gun dog…a go get it and bring it back golden dude…noise does not phase me..however, there are those dogs among us…who are fearful of what the 4th of July and surrounding days brings…popping, loud sounds that are very out of the ordinary.

So, please follow some simple suggestions that will help keep my furry friends stress-free.

And remember my golden rule…safety first!  Now go chow down a hot-dog and finish it off with a piece of apple pie…that would be my choice anyway.


Cock-a-doodle blue? Golden Brodie takes a look up in DC

When walking on the grounds of the National Gallery of Art East Building…you gotta look up!  Yeah and then go up on the terrace for a photo opp with “Big Blue.”

This plastic blue dude started out, ruling the roost over the City of London’s Trafalgar Square.

Plastic Blue Rooster sculpture overseeing Trafalgar Square
Plastic Blue Rooster sculpture overseeing Trafalgar Square

The doodle-blue then crossed over the pond and has found his roost in Washington, DC since last July.  Go see this colossal sculpture and check that off your “Golden To Do List.”  I’m already waiting in the car…let’s go!

Brodie waits in the car...stuck in traffic
Brodie waits patiently to go sight-seeing.



Brodie barks his head off: The Big Top…gone…what about the animals

I gotta admit that I was not very good at being in a kennel. Just me…my golden self wanted space…so when I heard that the “Greatest Show on Earth” closed…my retriever heart celebrated for all of the many animals that had spent their lives in crates and cages…or tethered on chains…traveling from here to there.

And now my golden heart worries where these beautiful wild animals will find a home…where will they go…who will offer the care needed as they live out their wild lives…I say give these incredible survivors peace and a natural environment…free to roam…a golden please on this one. And a shout out to those who work toward this goal…those who are the protectors of all gods creatures.

Brodie here. A Golden Political/ Social Commentary and Contemplation 6

What’s going on out there. I’m a confused dog and not ashamed that I don’t get it.

So what about the private e-mail server? What’s the problem? Seems that if someone wants a private serving then somehow that happens…put the order in, serve it and keep it quiet …this is not about sharing…  Indictment, now what is that? Is that like when something bad has happened and then someone says that it did not happen and then no one can decide, so they all go to the court….Then they play tennis until the main guy says he’s exhausted… I’m confused….an ignoramus…ok, now that is a very large lizard with a political classification of “loose cannon” and calling an ignoramus…an ignoramus is OK…because they are not aware of their classification..yeah.  Protectionism and isolationism… well, I think ism stops things?  Public policy? Confusing….I think I get this one though, but I’m not sure others do, especially the voters and the people who pay the bills on the hill.  Show me the money!  Brodie 6Facebook…what is going on??…are you messing with the Trending?…if that’s happening…wrong, that is wrong, go take your place.

What’s going on out there?  Just keep the faith, believe in yourself and before you hug a dog, read up on that. Everything is changing.