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A Great Spangled Fritallary nectaring on a Tithonia
A Great Spangled Fritallary nectaring on a Tithonia


A Four-Leaf clover in hand
A Four-Leaf clover in hand
Sunflower in full bloom with a bee
Sunflower in full bloom with a busy bee

Haikupoemby PamelaWLucas 7/17/16

Pamela Lucas, Praying Mantis on Morning Glory

Facebook friends credits:

Tara McLaughlin, Fritallary nectaring

Jordan Marie Cake, A Lucky Four-Leaf Clover

J’net McMahon, Sunflower with a Busy Bee

Brodie here. A Golden Political/ Social Commentary and Contemplation 6

What’s going on out there. I’m a confused dog and not ashamed that I don’t get it.

So what about the private e-mail server? What’s the problem? Seems that if someone wants a private serving then somehow that happens…put the order in, serve it and keep it quiet …this is not about sharing…  Indictment, now what is that? Is that like when something bad has happened and then someone says that it did not happen and then no one can decide, so they all go to the court….Then they play tennis until the main guy says he’s exhausted… I’m confused….an ignoramus…ok, now that is a very large lizard with a political classification of “loose cannon” and calling an ignoramus…an ignoramus is OK…because they are not aware of their classification..yeah.  Protectionism and isolationism… well, I think ism stops things?  Public policy? Confusing….I think I get this one though, but I’m not sure others do, especially the voters and the people who pay the bills on the hill.  Show me the money!  Brodie 6Facebook…what is going on??…are you messing with the Trending?…if that’s happening…wrong, that is wrong, go take your place.

What’s going on out there?  Just keep the faith, believe in yourself and before you hug a dog, read up on that. Everything is changing.