Cock-a-doodle blue? Golden Brodie takes a look up in DC

When walking on the grounds of the National Gallery of Art East Building…you gotta look up!  Yeah and then go up on the terrace for a photo opp with “Big Blue.”

This plastic blue dude started out, ruling the roost over the City of London’s Trafalgar Square.

Plastic Blue Rooster sculpture overseeing Trafalgar Square
Plastic Blue Rooster sculpture overseeing Trafalgar Square

The doodle-blue then crossed over the pond and has found his roost in Washington, DC since last July.  Go see this colossal sculpture and check that off your “Golden To Do List.”  I’m already waiting in the car…let’s go!

Brodie waits in the car...stuck in traffic
Brodie waits patiently to go sight-seeing.



Brodie barks his head off: The Big Top…gone…what about the animals

I gotta admit that I was not very good at being in a kennel. Just me…my golden self wanted space…so when I heard that the “Greatest Show on Earth” closed…my retriever heart celebrated for all of the many animals that had spent their lives in crates and cages…or tethered on chains…traveling from here to there.

And now my golden heart worries where these beautiful wild animals will find a home…where will they go…who will offer the care needed as they live out their wild lives…I say give these incredible survivors peace and a natural environment…free to roam…a golden please on this one. And a shout out to those who work toward this goal…those who are the protectors of all gods creatures.

Golden Brodie shares: Dogs that dig the past

Yes… digging is part of many dogs lives…but…there are dogs that get into locating bones that are hundreds of years old…yep…archaeology on four legs.  These dogs have such self-control…once they find bones…they back off…moon walk backwards and NEVER touch the bones.  Can you image that one?  Read on for golden enlightenment.  Bones them bones…them dry bones.

Golden Brodie rests after digging in the dirt.
Golden Brodie rests after digging in the dirt.

Brodie brings golden affection to Honor and Glory

The retriever in me is real.  This manifests itself in me daily…I gather my tattered dog toys and present them to folks.  I get sticks and bring them home…I love to have something in my mouth…but you can forget that something being a bird.  Field trained Goldens are excellent at retrieving gamebirds…but not this dude.  I golden love birds…all kinds of birds and today especially the American Bald Eagle.

In Washington, DC months ago…a pair of eagles made their huge nest to raise their two eaglets at the National Arboretum…in the tall trees.  Mr. President and First lady have been attentive and giving parents…adored and observed daily by the Metro population.  Their babies, originally called DC4 and DC5 have now been given their names…after 30,000 ballots were cast.  Honor is a female.  Glory’s sex is not known.

So…as Francis of Assisi said…”All praise is yours, all glory, all honor, and all blessings.” All blessings and good life wishes for these amazing birds.


Golden Brodie digs on the mulch beds

Dogs like to dig…at least this dog does.  So, heads up to all on the mulch issue.  Yeah, it seems that certain mulch types are toxic to dogs.  Read on if this is something you need to know to keep your pooch safe.

And while you’re here, check out why dogs dig and how to help manage this.

Golden thoughts: Help manage dog-gone habits and safety first.

Obesity is huge…Golden Brodie gives the scoop

Dang…did you know that obesity in dogs and cats is truly a problem…yeah…a life compromising situation for your pets?  Well, here you go…read up…information is power right?!…The Association for Pet Obesity is ready to help.

I’m a retriever…I love to eat…I could chow down on  anything…anytime of the day or night.  However, I am golden blessed with my peeps and vet who keep me on a healthy track…but darn…could I get a bacon strip now and then…or perhaps a piece of that pizza?!?! Not in my house…paws up for staying trim and healthy.

Golden mantra:  Reduce treats and increase exercise

Golden retrieves good news lemons

Sure…golden retrievers don’t drink lemonade but we do know a happy and golden undertaking when we see it.  The great state of Utah just legalized lemonade stands and other businesses run by kids.

lemonade sign
Come and get your fresh lemonade

Who would ever think that necessary?!..seems odd…but now Utah kiddies no longer need a $30 permit to exercise their entrepreneur spirit…earning money to so such things as shoveling snow and setting up a lemonade stand.  I’m clapping my paws together for these industrious kids…Utah’s state motto is “industry” and for those adults who passed a good golden rule law for “the Beehive State.”

Get ready to walk your dog to your neighborhood lemonade stand and support those golden kids.  Good on ya!