Uncomplicated thoughts: Reflection

Think carefully…contemplate…reflect

Tidal Basin-Washington Monument to the Jefferson Memorial
Tidal Basin-Washington Monument to the Jefferson Memorial

Inspirational photo provided by Fe Caces 6/17

Cock-a-doodle blue? Golden Brodie takes a look up in DC

When walking on the grounds of the National Gallery of Art East Building…you gotta look up!  Yeah and then go up on the terrace for a photo opp with “Big Blue.”

This plastic blue dude started out, ruling the roost over the City of London’s Trafalgar Square.

Plastic Blue Rooster sculpture overseeing Trafalgar Square
Plastic Blue Rooster sculpture overseeing Trafalgar Square

The doodle-blue then crossed over the pond and has found his roost in Washington, DC since last July.  Go see this colossal sculpture and check that off your “Golden To Do List.”  I’m already waiting in the car…let’s go!

Brodie waits in the car...stuck in traffic
Brodie waits patiently to go sight-seeing.



Brodie brings golden affection to Honor and Glory

The retriever in me is real.  This manifests itself in me daily…I gather my tattered dog toys and present them to folks.  I get sticks and bring them home…I love to have something in my mouth…but you can forget that something being a bird.  Field trained Goldens are excellent at retrieving gamebirds…but not this dude.  I golden love birds…all kinds of birds and today especially the American Bald Eagle.

In Washington, DC months ago…a pair of eagles made their huge nest to raise their two eaglets at the National Arboretum…in the tall trees.  Mr. President and First lady have been attentive and giving parents…adored and observed daily by the Metro population.  Their babies, originally called DC4 and DC5 have now been given their names…after 30,000 ballots were cast.  Honor is a female.  Glory’s sex is not known.

So…as Francis of Assisi said…”All praise is yours, all glory, all honor, and all blessings.” All blessings and good life wishes for these amazing birds.


Uncomplicated thoughts: America

So very proud.

The Ellipse at night
The Ellipse at night
Lincoln Memorial at night
Lincoln Memorial at night
Pennsylvania Avenue, the Inaugural Parade Route
Pennsylvania Avenue, the Inaugural Parade Route

Photographs by Facebook friend, Fe Caces.  Thank you Fe for sharing your talent.


Brodie sniffs out housing for the in-coming Veep

I completely forgot about our new in-coming Veep! Mr. Pence and Mrs. Pence will soon move to Washington, DC.  Where’s he going to live?  Can’t be The White House…so I took a golden moment to check it out.

With their offices located on the White House grounds, every Vice President since Walter Mondale has lived with their families on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory.

The coolest part of this housing is the Naval Observatory itself, which continues in full operation since 1893. I’d love to go there and be with the Scientists, who study the star and the planets…measure time and  publish vital information that keeps navigators safe on the seas.

So, I’m ready now to welcome the in-coming Veep and his family to their residence on the golden Embassy Row of Massachusetts Avenue!

U.S. Naval Observatory
U.S. Naval Observatory, Home to the Vice President of the United States


Brodie sniffs out the bronze beauty atop the US Capitol

I’m preparing for the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony at the west front of the US Capitol on January 20, 2017. So steeped in tradition, the presidential inaugurations have deviated little in the two centuries since Washington’s inauguration. Think of it…from George to Donald and all the presidents in between.  Our great nation just keeps rolling on…nothing can stop her…nothing.

While preparing for the Inaugural …I’m discovering so much about this baroque city and its beauty.  My golden self enjoys the rich history of the District of Columbia…at every turn in this metropolis there is history hiding…symbolism abounds…take for instance the State of Freedom who sits atop of the Capitol dome.  She’s been there since 1863…many have little or no idea about her.

Capitol Dome topped by the Statue of Freedom
Capitol Dome topped by the Statue of Freedom

The Statue of Freedom took her high place while our country was in the midst of our Civil War……the War between the States.  She continues to symbolically protect our nation’s capitol.  She ignites the history buff in me and I’m so glad.

On your next visit be sure to send an air-kiss up to this bronze (I see her as golden…but that’s just my 4 paws position.) beauty in appreciation for what she represents and how she steadily stands guard over our special city for all people.

Just think for a moment about all she has viewed from on high.  Blows my golden mind.

Brodie thanks Dolley Madison for saving George

It’s time for giving thanks…using a grateful heart…remembering the good…continuing to seek the kindhearted deeds.

So, I’m wanting to reach back into the rich history of our great American struggle and thank Dolley Madison, First Lady to our 4th President of the United States, James Madison.

During the War of 1812, the British invaded Washington DC and set fire to the White House and the Capitol.  President Madison knew of this planned assault, leaving post-haste, to lead his troops…leaving Dolley to evacuate to safety.  She refused to leave without the bold and standing portrait of George Washington, painted by Gilbert Stuart.  She had the frame busted and broken in order to free the treasured piece of art, rolled the canvas up and at last fled for safety.  Word has it that she left in such haste, that her dinner was still on the dining room table…the British rolled in… ate her food and then burnt down the house.

A heart-felt thanks to Mrs. Madison for preserving this masterpiece for us all.  Go visit this Lansdowne painting that hangs majestically in the National Portrait Galley in Washington, DC.  Be sure to give a golden thank you to Dolley while giving thanks that Great Britain and the United States are true allies and good friends.