Brodie slurps up the “debate buffet”

We’re getting all ready for the first presidential debate between The Lady and Mr. T. with Lester Holt as the designated driver. We’ll be in front of our large screen with surround sound…flicking back & forth between baseball, football & the political parley.  We’re planning a menu fitting this national face-off.

I requested red and blue balloons for ambiance… but… sadly that won’t be happening.  Then I asked for servings of hot dogs…just seems fitting…but once again I was denied my wish.  Then I suggested we have black-eyed peas and collard greens…you know…for good luck and lots of money?!?!…I was told that only happens on New Year’s Day…my bad.

Eggs are a favorite food of Hillary Clinton
A favorite food of The Lady
Fast food is a favorite of Mr. Trump
Fast food is a favorite of Mr. T

So, we’re having scrambled eggs…The Lady says she can’t cook…but she makes a mean mess of eggs and McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Combos and perhaps some Burger King cheeseburgers with fries…Mr. T chows on that stuff…even has it brought onto his private plane.  Both representative foods sound like a winner to my golden palate…but then I’ll swallow just about anything…including carelessly tossed chicken bones covered with ants found along the sidewalk.

Flaps up…Let the games begin.