Brodie’s golden In and Out List

I know that the Washington Post is known annually for its listing of What’s In and What’s Out as we approach a New Year.  Well, I can’t wait… my golden dog ears and eyes have been keenly listening and observing, ready for the scoop…or the poop…which ever you prefer to call this.  So….read on and consider my golden outlook on the in and out list… be sure to recall what events occurred this year…and oh …what a year it has been…Peace baby

IN                                          OUT

Adopting/saving animals  Not helping the many

Peaceful protests               Rioting/destroying

Shocked veggies                Steaming veggies

45th President                  44th President

DOW 20,000                       Stymied market

Super Beet Juice                 Regular beets

Presidential Tweets            Press briefings

Proudly rich                        Hiding ones wealth

Online shopping                 Brick & Mortar retailers

Civic Lessons                       Clueless about govt.

Dehydrated Brussel Sprouts  Potato Chips

Bad Santa Parties               Christmas Caroling

5th Avenue White House     The White House

Mashed cauliflower               Mashed Potatoes

Feeding the homeless            Not helping the many

Craving Credible reporting    Fake/shocking news

Big Business Cabinet           Prof. Bureaucrats

Middle America                    Coastal Cities

Memes                                   Fads

Extreme minimal living       Extreme mortgage$

Living the golden rule       Not living the golden rule




Brodie yaps on about meeting a Waterloo

Heard this name the other day…Made a golden point to read up about Napoleon Bonaparte…seems this larger than life tactical, conquering guy who became an emperor… who conquered much of Europe in the early 19th century…experienced continuing success at building his empire…and then…he meet his Waterloo?!…What is that??…Well, it’s the thing that one of the candidates for POTUS 2017 will be owning after all the votes are in and counted on November 8th.  Hard fought on both sides…both candidates had their moments of seeming unbeatable…but now the waters are cresting…running freely and there is no stopping the outcome…history in the making.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”  Buddha

…now that is a golden thought.


Brodie opined, shifted then sifted then the leak

Reflecting here… what have we learned during this presidential campaign for POTUS term 2017-20??!…I must admit that my golden confusion has stayed with me through this whole process…Let me share…I consistently opined that my golden outlook kept me square in the middle…no right…no left…in the center, mid, midway…try to do that sometime…it’s quite the challenge.  I endeavored  to uplift all elephants and donkeys…I focused on the facts…sometimes with drool comments…excuse me… droll comments.  There was never a leak coming from me…until today, however…I could not help this…My thoughts took me to the day after the election…November 9th…the day after…and I leaked.  I realized that I must prepare myself…either way…I must lay golden ground work thoughts for the next administration…donkey or elephant.  Hopefully, many folks will also formulate their feelings and thoughts and go for the gold…rise above and help our country move forward…for the good…for the nation…for the same boat.

Brodie gives you a list…

My golden self likes lists…a list gets right to it…I remember orderly… short thoughts …a list is easy on my golden vocabulary…So here’s your list for daily reference as we prepare to get out and vote…

  • the wind is in your face if you stick your head out of the car window…ears flapping
  • some want to drain a swamp?…with their vote
  • there are 412 doors and 147 windows in the White House
  • Abe Lincoln said, “I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend.”
  • the White House has 50 Chemex coffee makers etched with the presidential seal
  • most want the best for USA…what is the best?
  • On November 8 the White House Bowling Alley will be vacant?
  • Blue and Red make purple?
  • Your health is everything…so is your care
  • Saying and doing are two different things
  • Golden thoughts…kind remarks…make the day

Read, ponder, vote


Brodie slurps up the “debate buffet”

We’re getting all ready for the first presidential debate between The Lady and Mr. T. with Lester Holt as the designated driver. We’ll be in front of our large screen with surround sound…flicking back & forth between baseball, football & the political parley.  We’re planning a menu fitting this national face-off.

I requested red and blue balloons for ambiance… but… sadly that won’t be happening.  Then I asked for servings of hot dogs…just seems fitting…but once again I was denied my wish.  Then I suggested we have black-eyed peas and collard greens…you know…for good luck and lots of money?!?!…I was told that only happens on New Year’s Day…my bad.

Eggs are a favorite food of Hillary Clinton
A favorite food of The Lady
Fast food is a favorite of Mr. Trump
Fast food is a favorite of Mr. T

So, we’re having scrambled eggs…The Lady says she can’t cook…but she makes a mean mess of eggs and McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Combos and perhaps some Burger King cheeseburgers with fries…Mr. T chows on that stuff…even has it brought onto his private plane.  Both representative foods sound like a winner to my golden palate…but then I’ll swallow just about anything…including carelessly tossed chicken bones covered with ants found along the sidewalk.

Flaps up…Let the games begin.


Brodie ponders which dog gets into the White House

I became curious about the lucky dogs that have lived in the The White House…lots of them..some more famous than others… for a host of different reasons that had nothing to do with the dog and everything to do with the folks who occupied the “People’s House.”  So…I began my research…My source was dog that lists dogs owned by presidents that resided in the White House…beginning with John Adams all the way through Barack Obama…lots of furry friends… all flavors and sizes…an impressive list I must say.  We dogs have established quite a track record for residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…racing up and down the formal staircase…laying under the desk in the Oval Office…lounging under the Portico of the West Wing…leaving steaming dumps on the lawn for Secret Service folks to manage…

So…which dog(s) will be next…well the Lady has two dogs…Tally, a toy-poodle mix and Maisie, a curly mix.  Mr. T has a Labrador retriever, Spinee, who underwent extensive surgery this past summer…yes…Spinee has shared his medical records.

Now… you could always add this variable to your voting criteria…Which dog do I want to see in The People’s House?!

Remember the write-in information I researched for you???… well…consider you know how to spell golden retriever? (i before e except after c)… I’m just saying…


Brodie hunts down political speak

My golden self devotes time to expanding my vocabulary.  This requires my ears and hearing ready and open…and my dog brain engaged to learn.  So…I heard this the other day on a major network “scurrilous lies….”I had no idea what this “s-word” meant, so I went to Webster’s.  Scurrilous means “making or spreading scandalous claims about someone with the intention of damaging their reputation.”  What an epiphany I had…this handy adjective clearly describes political antics of today.  So…then I looked up the antonym for this “s-word” and found polite, clean and decent.  It’s never too late to change it up.

Let’s all, everybody… go for the paradigm shift in politics by changing our political conversations and behaviors…thereby rendering this “s-word” obsolete.

Ears up.

Golden Brodie Releases his App…End Troubling E-Mails

Have you ever wished you had not sent a certain e-mail to a certain person…in business, leisure, a family member, a lover, a done lover, a doctor or lawyer or even worst, to the media or a group of politicians?  Do you forget when communicating through e-mails that the world is there…out there with folks that would just love to get your message and do who knows what with it.  Y’all said yes…be honest…

It’s time you get this app, designed and developed by Brodie, the retriever that knows how to save you from yourself…from the moment when you hit return and can’t get it back… from the moment when a WikiWackie reaches in and runs with your stuff.

Brodie used his natural retriever instinct to develop this free app that will alleviate flying e-mails from your finger tips.  Easy and fast to download, once done, you’ll be in a safer place so others cannot call for your head, call for your resignation, call you names or boo you.

This app reacts to your every e-mail, especially if you participate with a server that caters in any way to the D Party or the R Party…but don’t worry Brodie has covered all parties and independents.

Simply enter your e-mail and when completed, hit enter just like you always do…the app will then go into action, retrieve your message, hold your message and wait for your responses to the questions that will follow to you within 5 minutes. (The cooling down period/rethink this time).  The message reads:  “Are you sure you want to do this”?  Answer the prompt: Yes or No.  Next prompt will show Brodie himself bringing a rolled up message to you in his soft golden mouth.

Follow the prompts: Did you realize that this app does not keep your message out of the hands of meddling people?  Yes or No.  Would you like your mother to read this, the DNC, the RNC, the FBI, another head of a country, the whoever you can think of that should not have access to this?  Yes or No  Are you out of your mind?  Yes or No.  Depending on your responses, Brodie will either take the e-mail, dig a hole and keep the e-mail for 24 hours…then repeating the process or he’ll quickly release the document based on your, hopefully truthful answers.  Delete is always an option.

Be among the first to allow Brodie to save you from yourself.  Think of this as a life-changing free offer and let Brodie save your a..


Brodie here. Golden Commentary and Contemplation 12

So yeah, where were we.  Last we were together, political confusion was swirling. My golden mind still needs clarity.  I’m lost in a golden sea regarding the political scenes that keep rolling through the news feeds, newspapers, social media and the air in general.  The words, yes the lingo is perplexing.

Presidential hopefuls or aspiring presidential hopefuls are often referred to as blithering or dithering.  Confusing.  Blithering, I get this one…that’s someone that babbles…and what is babble…well, I think I babble when I really want something like bacon and I don’t get it…so I know…make noise..hoping for a positive outcome.  Then dithering…well that’s a wee more complicated.  See, to a dog a dithering person is someone (a well-meaning individual, of course) who says one thing with words…like “Sit”, when what they really want is a “down”… and my friends there is a difference.   “Dithering politicians”, just need more training…they need to get out of their own way.

These are confusing times, these are the best of times.



Brodie Here. Golden Commentary and Contemplation 11

Stumped by presumptive and oligarchy

So much has happened and my level of confusion has risen to the top of the golden charts.  Help me out.

That word “presumptive” keeps flying around.  She’s the presumptive candidate for the D Party, but the Bern guy continues to stoke the flames.  Then on the other side, the presumptive candidate can’t have a party, throw a party, make a party…so he’s not invited?…He said he’d go it alone.  What?

And another thing…that word “oligarchy”… the fire burning guy brings that up a lot.  And why?  I thought “oligarchy” was one of those luxury designers fashion brands. know worn only by the rich and famous…red carpet garb.  If I’m right, then I guess the Bern wants everyone to have the same clothing opportunities…you know dress for success, dress up, dress like you mean it?  Seems my golden bewilderment is unending.