Brodie here. Commentary and Contemplation…What’s happening?

Brodie commnetary

What’s happening?

Bathrooms that advertise “Everybody” (good for families); kindergarten becoming the new first grade; cute little kindergartners flunking out, not being allowed to matriculate to the for real first grade; super delegates crowning the queen or maybe a king;  independents excluded here & there; aioli appearing in just about every food concoction in hipster/foodie restaurants; (I love dog friendly establishments.) exquisite taste equating to how long one waits in a line; meme litter everywhere…rhymes with team…what is a meme anyway? Teachers needing to secure 1 maybe 2 part-time jobs so they can pay their bills and taxes while still finding the time to multi-task at home late at night, baking cookies for their students while searching through Teachers-Pay-Teachers for those exciting and engaging lesson plans. (Love to the teachers.) Hard root beer taking off; (Is that opposed to soft root beer?) Airlines permitting, you name it animals from turkeys to pot-belly pigs to be on board, in flight, sitting in a passenger seat with the intention of calming their seat mate/owner during flight (therapy animal house.)

Seriously, what is happening?
Car-manufacturing liars with their pants on fire; supercilious car drivers taking it easy in the passing lane while texting or perhaps clutching a fast-food cheeseburger; Question: What is the 4th of July? Answer: We have a parade & then a hotdog picnic? (Love the hotdog.) Barbers who need to take handwriting courses so they can skillfully buzz names on kid’s heads (block print of course, cause cursive is out.)

What’s happening?
Dog poop that lives where it was deposited & remains through the deteriorating process of becoming dust. Question: “What is Mount Rushmore? Answer: A water park?” (I want to go to the great state of South Dakota.) “Feeling the burn” once referring to a cardio workout now refers to a certain person who frequently displays the pointer finger; (I feel the heat.) Needing to practice ordering java prior to ones arrival at “S Coffee” less one presents like a fast food flunky coffee drinker. (Hold the java for me, please.) gluten free gluten; restaurant macaroni and cheese with everything in it but the kitchen sink; the possibility of drinking two crafted beers with an alcohol content so high that it could put one under the table or have one throwing up in the kitchen sink; “The House of Cards” looking more and more each season like a reality show; social media headlining ad nauseam processed foods being retrofitted into something other than what “it” was intended, pop-it, cut it, add real food ingredients, add herbs, then layer it with something like shredded cheese or melted chocolate, bake it or slow cook it & finally plate it “foodie-it”. Why start with an it? (I would, however, definitely eat “it” if given the opportunity.)

Commentaries are exhausting. What’s happening?

2 thoughts on “Brodie here. Commentary and Contemplation…What’s happening?

  1. Ahhhhh Brodie, Brodie Brodie……You just made me laugh out loud! So many of the same questions I have about random things in life (some big, some not). And yes you should get them to take you to South Dakota (my husbands favorite vacation spot). I look forward to reading more of your commentary :)!


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