Brodie here. Commentary and Contemplation 2… What’s happening?


What’s going on out there? Bound and unbound delegates?…Is someone going to untie these people? No more “Purple Rain”? We all needed those musical and meaningful water drops. In baseball a team can “sweep” another team? How do they sweep with a bat? What happened to the broom? What’s the opposite of trans fats?…trans skinny? “Spot-on” as opposed to “spot-off?” Where is Spot? Question: What distinguishes the front of the new $20 dollar bill from the back? Answer: She’s on front. He’s on zback?
Have you tried a donut sandwich?…be honest now. Question: What’s the difference between rye and whiskey and bourbon? Derby day is coming up… will you care?

What’s going on out there?
Some are going on a sea-cruz while others choose to run the table with the trump card. Still don’t forget the people that are adding kasha, (Is that the correct spelling?) to their diets, hoping for some unbinding…just kidding. Question: What is a “Brokered Convention?” Is that when the release of red, white and blue balloons is not permitted and no cake is served? If that’s the case, then count me out.

What’s going on out there?
Why is Earth Day only one day? Should it not be everyday? robot vacuums flying off store shelves; phone Robo Scam Caller liars with their pants on fire; forget the bad people; remember the good that surrounds us all. 1.5 million cars on recall for driving away once the human driver leaves the car…good luck on getting those cars back…try shouting “Puppy, Puppy Cookies…that gets me back every time I try to bolt. Pronouns…are they superior in knowledge and ability when compared to simple nouns? That pro part is disconcerting.

Thinking about this is exhausting. What’s happening?

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