What’s Your Daddy Food ?


My Dad during WWII in his Uniform of the Day.

When I saw my father take out the black cast-iron skillet, I knew that a favorite of mine was going to hit the table within 30 minutes.  This morning food magic happened while the coffee pot was percolating cheap java with chicory and the cooked bacon sat waiting. Lard, white flour, salt & pepper, milk, in that order would be turned into white gravy.  There was no recipe or cookbook.  Skillet hit one of the four burners.  First, a scoop of lard out of the lard-jar melted in the heated pan.  Then the flour.  His hands moved with purpose and confidence.  His large, dented, stainless steel spoon with a wooden handle was part of his system.  He’d stir the stuff using a smooth circular motion, blending and blending the grease with the flour until he saw the right consistency.  Next, milk was slowly added while the stirring continued.  Both of his hands were in action.  Stirring with patience and watching for the right moment, he’d add the salt and pepper.  And voila, there was the white gravy.

We’d eat it on white bread and beg for more.  If we were really lucky, the gravy topped some of his homemade biscuits to complete this Virginia country beginning for the day.   Chipped beef-gravy, red-eye gravy and sausage gravy made by him were also favorites.

Dang, I would love to have some of Daddy’s white gravy, but even more than that, I’d give anything for kitchen time with him and watch the magic he made for us.

What’s your Daddy food?  Would enjoy you sharing about your Daddy Food as we approach Father’s Day.


8 thoughts on “What’s Your Daddy Food ?

  1. I had never had this till I met my husband. It was his Dad’s food. His dad had been in the military as a young man and they had this for meals. (The name was different LOL). When he came home from overseas he brought the recipe with him. It sounds exactly like your dads’ and I in turn fed it to my boys who loved it. Thank you so much for the memory!


  2. Oh yes. You see the connection as well! SOS (LOL) was gravy with chipped beef. Your comments enrich my thoughts and memories. This simply food continues to bring happiness to our families. Thanks to Dad.


  3. I too remember my Navy submariner Dad who hailed from Oklahoma making us kids white gravy, usually poured over chicken fried steak. Thanks for bringing back such fond memories. I will have to remember to thank my Dad on Sunday, Fathers Day, for this wonderful childhood memory. Hugs to my favorite Golden 🙂


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