Golden Brodie Declares…He’s a Dependent

The DNC rolls on in the Home of the Liberty Bell, home of the nations first daily newspaper and the city that serves up Philly Icon foods like hand-made donuts served with fried chicken; Franklin Fountain Root Beer Floats on Market Street and a Hoagie on every corner… and will shortly reach its convention finale.

So, I declared.  I got off my dog belly, sat up…with no barking, no yelping, no jumping and said with a most polite tone that I am not tied to any particular political party…and my golden retriever self…is a “Dependent.”  Why share this?

When I heard the well-known New Yorker, Mr. B. (with an impressive political and business resume) declare that he was an Independent…I got my paws moving.  I read that he was on the R team, then the D team, then he supported the Lady for her race to the White House and just recently in his speech to the Democratic Convention he declared he is an Independent..confusing but honestly if that works for him…then I say fine.

I’m a “Dependent” and always have been due to my circumstances.  As a dog, and a healthy dog at that, I know that I require support.  I rely on my people, the kindness of others, the decisions of others.  If I could not rely on my owners, I would be in such trouble.  I would be leash-less and break all of the social rules, designed by humans for dogs.  I would go hungry and loose my golden disposition…who could blame me??  I would not have a vet…no immunization…no heart worm personal trainer to educate me and help me become a working therapy dog.  I would not have a home and I probably would become afraid of the night and lose my curiosity due to fear.  So…I have no power, no sway, no political acumen…no vote to cast.

I gotta go because it’s about time for my kibble to hit my dog dish. In closing, hoping you realize the importance of knowing what you need and what you support…who you are and what you represent…you’ll benefit from getting clear on this before you vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Golden Brodie comforts the D’s through Roll Call in the Q

I’ll give you my take on this…from the perspective, remember this, of a golden retriever.

There I was running around on the floor of the D National Convention as delegates gathered for their official Roll Call for their Presidential Candidate. The Sand Man, the Bern, the man of the hour, sat in a seat within the Vermont delegation along with his lovely smiling wife…when will the booing stop?…booing meant for the Lady.  The Q was rocking with D national pride, while being a little on the edge.  Yeah, the edge.  The obvious and voiced disappointment, thoughts of acclamation, the waving up and down of blue Bern signs while votes were loudly cast for the Lady…yet… it was not confusing.  DO THE MOST GOOD were the signs that in many cases replaced signs for both candidates… serious tension in the hall…when would they come together for her?…

I felt I had to go into action.  You might know that I am in training for becoming a therapy dog…and therapy was in order here.  I began leaning on folks in Oklahoma.  They had a huge blue banner for the Sand Man.  They needed some comfort.  They let me lean on them.  Then I went to PA, they had no signs, they wanted me to stand with them…Rhode Island, the smallest state in the Union…they welcomed me & stroked my golden head…my four legs kept moving toward the next state to cast their votes..(good that I know the alphabet). ….by South Dakota the D Lady was the First Woman to lead a party into a presidential election…2,382…head the ticket…history was made…the folks on the floor did not know this…the numbers were not flashed to the delegates..SO where’s the close???….S…T…U…V????   Utah, the Beehive State was rocking with Bern signs…V… now I am in the Vermont territory and they pass..that’s the close!!! I stick with The Green Mountain State and lean on these folks..and they stroke me…I see little tears in the sides of their eyes…the Sand Man & his lovely wife…now move to a special spot…an emotional spot…and I noticed a chit bag on the floor by his side??? Wyoming the last, and then…26 votes for Vermont…fighters of the political revolution…changing the trajectory of the government…beloved Sand Man…The Bern stood up and rocked the room…He moved to suspend the rules…gave all the votes to the Lady and unity at last…unity at last…but don’t you know that bag of chits somehow ended up in his back pocket…as he walked through the cheering crowd.

Congratulations to the Lady who won the nomination. History was made…and this election will live on in honor for all.

Source: Google
What does it mean to call in a chit?
Call in one’s chits. Chit refers to a favour or record of a sum due on someone. It may refer to some offer or oath made in earnest earlier. So when someone is calling in their chits then they are asking the other person for the repayment of the dues or fulfilment of the oath taken. Usage.


Golden Brodie Releases his App…End Troubling E-Mails

Have you ever wished you had not sent a certain e-mail to a certain person…in business, leisure, a family member, a lover, a done lover, a doctor or lawyer or even worst, to the media or a group of politicians?  Do you forget when communicating through e-mails that the world is there…out there with folks that would just love to get your message and do who knows what with it.  Y’all said yes…be honest…

It’s time you get this app, designed and developed by Brodie, the retriever that knows how to save you from yourself…from the moment when you hit return and can’t get it back… from the moment when a WikiWackie reaches in and runs with your stuff.

Brodie used his natural retriever instinct to develop this free app that will alleviate flying e-mails from your finger tips.  Easy and fast to download, once done, you’ll be in a safer place so others cannot call for your head, call for your resignation, call you names or boo you.

This app reacts to your every e-mail, especially if you participate with a server that caters in any way to the D Party or the R Party…but don’t worry Brodie has covered all parties and independents.

Simply enter your e-mail and when completed, hit enter just like you always do…the app will then go into action, retrieve your message, hold your message and wait for your responses to the questions that will follow to you within 5 minutes. (The cooling down period/rethink this time).  The message reads:  “Are you sure you want to do this”?  Answer the prompt: Yes or No.  Next prompt will show Brodie himself bringing a rolled up message to you in his soft golden mouth.

Follow the prompts: Did you realize that this app does not keep your message out of the hands of meddling people?  Yes or No.  Would you like your mother to read this, the DNC, the RNC, the FBI, another head of a country, the whoever you can think of that should not have access to this?  Yes or No  Are you out of your mind?  Yes or No.  Depending on your responses, Brodie will either take the e-mail, dig a hole and keep the e-mail for 24 hours…then repeating the process or he’ll quickly release the document based on your, hopefully truthful answers.  Delete is always an option.

Be among the first to allow Brodie to save you from yourself.  Think of this as a life-changing free offer and let Brodie save your a..


Golden Brodie Dogs it to Philadelphia for Ice Cream

Well, welcome one and all to the great city of Philadelphia, PA…to the home of the Hoagie, the Pork and the Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches…you name it sandwiches!…  These folks in the City of Brotherly Love, the 5th largest populous city in the USA is packed with D Party members, voters sitting on the fence, Super-delegates (some possibly in disguises), and the Bern people who came with support for the lady and some of the Bern people who are prepared to be an irritant to the Lady and to her newly announced running mate, Mr. K.  Those two folks are definitely going to have sand in their pants and perhaps all of the sandwich eaters gathered in the Wells Fargo Center will catch this…and sandy pants my friends is not only uncomfortable, but if sand is left tooooo long, an ugly rash could surely appear raising its ugly head…band-aids please.  But what does that have to do with ice cream?

There were whispers and little rumblings that Ben Cohen, yes the Ben of Ben & Jerry’s…yes the Vermont ice cream guy is attending the D convention.  That my friends is why I dogged it to “The Keystone State”.

See… B&J in the past have created a special designer ice cream for people that they admire and/or wanted to celebrate.  There was the “Cherry Garcia” created for Jerry Garcia”; “Whirled Peace” created for John Lennon; and “Yes, Pecan,”to celebrate the inaugural of the 44th President of the United States.

So, I’m on a mission to find Ben and lick his ears and give him the golden retriever lean and persuade him to make an ice cream that honors all dogs.

There is not one person who has mentioned dogs in these political speeches…and I have been listening. So, my hope is that Ben will decide to make “Peach Paws Swirl”.  Luscious, and made to honor all dogs in this world…all dogs that have no vote…all dogs that rely on humans…all dogs that suffer needlessly…and all dogs that have great lives and lastly all dogs that jumped the Rainbow Bridge.  If Ben decides to take up my golden idea…then next comes “Purrrfect”, vanilla, with tiny bits of chocolate shaped like fish.  I adore cats.  Where are you Ben?


Golden Brodie on the Loose…declares allegiance to the Christmas Par-ty

Ok, ok…yes I was in Starbucks this morning…waiting in the long and silent line… and yes, I did declare my allegiance to the Christmas Par-ty  It was a calculated moment on my part.

I figured that the good people in the Q…desperately in need of being caffeinated and in a uge…hurry …would benefit greatly from being with me at my selected kick-off spot…my declaration.  I played off the scientific findings that when combining a need for a caffeine fix & being in an awful hurry, you have folks that will agree to just about anything…So I announced with a great deal of surprise that the Christmas Par-ty was alive and well and no-one need to sign a pledge to come…together.  The only stipulation was that 1) You show up. 2) You say nice things about the Christmas Par-ty. 3) No complaining about the hospitality that brought you there.

My golden self is really wondering about what I did.  I’m wondering if I will regret this dogged move.  I know that my actions were just a skoch (check the Urban Dictionary) selfish, but in the end, those folks that stood there with me who needed a boost…some golden declaration was yet another opportunity for par-ty unity.  So let’s Part-y!

Golden Brodie with elephants and donkeys

Mrs. T gave her big moment to the R folks at the Q in Cincinnati, with T and P there and 20,000 plus folks wearing buttons and hats celebrating the R National Convention 2016.  She was welcomed by the big T man walking through the fog to the music of a champion.  The fog lifted and out she came, lovely in white and prepared to deliver a first-lady type speech.  The elephants delighted in the moment.  Their trunks were still and they listened with their big ears. Now today, the day after, the elephants and the donkeys woke up to the word “plagiarism”that in one word summed up Mrs. T’s speech.  Donkeys began hee-hawing & chewed their cud, while the elephants began running into each other and stampeding.

Plagiarism, the old copy and lift, the old cut and paste..bad choice…leave that bone alone…Mrs. C’s server thing…bad choice…leave that bone alone… “Leave It”.  Until both sides made up of these magnificent animals decide to understand this command, we are all headed down the zoo road.




Golden Brodie…Roll call for “The Boy”

It’s in Cleveland…the GOP is arriving and filling up the “Q”. Some of the folks have come knowing they will change their minds…change their vote when the roll is called..Ha!..what roll call?!!.There will possibly be unbinding that will happen on the floor and I don’t know, but that could be rather unattractive, you know possibly turn some people off…that unbinding thing sounds like something that should only happen behind closed doors…maybe in the sanction of one’s bathroom??…but sounds like there will be  a “floor fight”.  Is that like when leashes get tangled and then it can get ugly…if it is then based on experience, I don’t recommend this…very messy… very dramatic…

Speaking of folks, interesting who’ll show… some “big cheese people”, some “Stop T screamers”,some “steamrollers”, a dame who slams golf balls and a dude in briefs…a whole lot of “T” and just a wee bit of “P”.  And forget the roll call, the “Yeas, have it”..

Let’s get to the important stuff…Cleveland is known for its “City Chicken” and “The Polish Boy”.  Now the City Chicken is really chunks of pork on a skewer with different stuff lathered on it.  The Polish Boy is a kielbasa polish sausage on a bun with a layer of french fries, barbecue sauce and a tangy coleslaw.  Sign me up!  That boy gets my vote!