Brodie here. A Golden Political Commentary and Contemplation 8

Brodie commnetaryMaking sense of the political rhetoric out there has spun me into complete confusion.  Continually admitting that I remain out of my golden mind with this stuff is not what I want. However, honesty has always been a mantra for me.  What is going on out there?  Please read on.

The California primary is coming up.  Seems a large amount of folks will cast the “against vote”.  The polls say, and there is a strong poll following out there…that 42% of votes cast for “the trick card” are an against vote for the “woman card.” And vice-versa,  so the “against vote” is stimulating the number of people who will turn out.  Confusing….

I’m a golden retriever, OK?.. I have good people in my life that I like and trust…I play with other dogs that I feel safe with, so play is usually pleasant and friendly.  These tip-top dogs are out there and I am so fortunate to know the good ones when I see them.  It’s good and it’s safe.

Seems that California could use some good dogs.