Brodie Here. Golden Commentary and Contemplation 11

Stumped by presumptive and oligarchy

So much has happened and my level of confusion has risen to the top of the golden charts.  Help me out.

That word “presumptive” keeps flying around.  She’s the presumptive candidate for the D Party, but the Bern guy continues to stoke the flames.  Then on the other side, the presumptive candidate can’t have a party, throw a party, make a party…so he’s not invited?…He said he’d go it alone.  What?

And another thing…that word “oligarchy”… the fire burning guy brings that up a lot.  And why?  I thought “oligarchy” was one of those luxury designers fashion brands. know worn only by the rich and famous…red carpet garb.  If I’m right, then I guess the Bern wants everyone to have the same clothing opportunities…you know dress for success, dress up, dress like you mean it?  Seems my golden bewilderment is unending.



Needing the long read

Marble bust of Socrates
Marble bust of Socrates, The Long Room at Trinity College                Dublin, Ireland

“True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.”

Socrates, we continue to benefit from your common sense.